A Call to Action: The Story of the Newest SSPX Chapel in the United States

February 01, 2019
Source: District of the USA

The Society of Saint Pius X welcomes its newest "member" in North Dakota - the new chapel of Our Lady of Good Success—Our Lady of Buen Suceso of the Purification.  This account, written by one of the faithful, recounts its journey from small gathering to permanent structure:

In SW North Dakota during the fall of 1989, a local group of Catholics contacted the SSPX and began having Mass twice a month in a bank meeting room. It quickly moved 20 miles north of Dickinson, ND to a make-shift basement chapel which became the “Mission of the Guardian Angels.”

Dickinson is a very Catholic community with four parish churches, but no traditional venues. Over the years, this group had shrunk down to a few families until recent oil activity had brought in workers from traditional Catholic communities and we experienced unexpected growth.

In October 2010, Fr. Richard Boyle tasked the “Mission of the Guardian Angels” to move into Dickinson. Although this task had been given before, the effort to move forward never materialized. This time, with humility and hope, we began our endeavor.

Enormous Obstacles Overcome:

We had little more than four hours a month with a priest, most of which was confessions and Mass, but almost no direct contact outside of a few minutes of guidance during or after Mass, and usual bits of information passed from the coordinators. Within two years after Fr. Boyle’s request, collections and pledges exceeded $500,000 and we began to feel confident that something could happen. Setbacks and difficulties increased!

We prayed many novenas and holy hours asking for help and guidance. The Kingship of Christ and the Glory of God was our purpose and these kept us together and on task. So many times we could have given up or let it stall until it would eventually be forgotten, but one of us always seemed to give a spark and keep things moving. Through all this we grew, not only as a parish, but as Catholics called to live our Faith and increase that Faith each day, persevering with our state of duty. We realized that we cannot all live in a traditional Catholic community, but that all of us are required to live as Catholics within our communities.

In October of 2017 we began construction of “Our Lady of Good Success—Our Lady of Buen Suceso of the Purification.” Seven years had gone by since we were tasked to move into town by Fr. Boyle. As we look back and consider what has happened, where we are and for Whom we are doing this, we are amazed!  We can certainly see that the hand of God was present and guiding this project from its inception. 

We have collected over $1,600,000! We began a yearly auction with donated items from the local businesses and have received over $75,000 from that alone. Every day at least someone who is not part of our parish drives into the construction site to see and compliment what is happening.

This project will need nearly $2,500,000 for completion, as we continue with our task into the early months of 2019. 

The completion of “Our Lady of Good Success—Our Lady of Buen Suceso of the Purification” is now! To quote Reverend Dom Gueranger, “Our Faith should be dearer to us than our life, and we should be ever praying for its increase.”

To see more, visit http://www.olgsdickinson.org/

Mass celebrated in the newly-completed chapel: January 2019