Bp. Fellay to Speak at Portland Conference

October 27, 2016
Source: District of the USA

We invite you to the third annual SSPX Conference in Portland for an informative discussion on the Society's pivotal year of 1976.

The Third Annual SSPX Conference in Portland, Oregon will focus on the fascinating, turbulent, historical year of 1976. The conference will take place on November 12th, 2016, and features Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the SSPX; Fr. Jurgen Wegner, District Superior of the United States; and Mr. James Vogel, MA, Communications Director of SSPX USA.

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1976 was a pivotal year for both Archbishop Lefebvre and the nascent Society of St. Pius X.  The refusal of the Archbishop, former Archbishop of Dakar, Archbishop-Bishop of Tulle, to submit to the sanctions and the requirements of Pope Paul VI sent shockwaves not just through the Catholic Church, but even secular Europe. The Second Vatican Council had ended 11 years earlier. The new rite of the Mass had been promulgated for 7 years. In this setting, Archbishop Lefebvre was a man officially divested, canonically sanctioned in his work. He had been so for some months: on May 6, 1975, Bishop Mamie, the Bishop of Sion (the diocese of Fribourg), with the authorization and at the instigation of the Holy See, had suppressed the Society of St. Pius X, authorized in 1970 by his predecessor, and consequently also the seminary of Econe.

During the summer months of 1976, the prelate increased his life-long campaign to exalt the priesthood and publicly demonstrate his attachment to the traditional Mass. He became a public figure. Such was not his intention, but he was present for the first Masses of some of the young priests he had just ordained, and he had just said a Solemn Mass in Lille, on August 29. That was enough. Moved by their devotion to the ancient rite, indignant at the suspension applied to the founder of Econe when so many sacrilegious innovators remained unpunished, the faithful flocked to the Masses he celebrated or honored with his presence, eager also to hear his sermons.

The conference promises to be a historically and culturally fascinating event, with three of the most knowledgeable speakers on this topic gathered together.

Conference Details