A bishop denounces false gender theory

December 19, 2013
Source: District of the USA

A Swiss bishop breaks rank with his episcopal confreres in defending the Catholic Church's moral teaching against the false "gender theory".

Switzerland Bishop Huonder denounces Gender Theory

While the Swiss bishops co-signed a message with the Federation of the Protestant Churches of Switzerland (FEPS) “for the respect of religious rights in the world” at the “Human Rights Day” on December 10, Bishop Vitus Huonder, bishop of Chur, chose for his part to write a letter denouncing Gender Theory.

In this pastoral letter entitled “Gender—A Theory’s Vast Lie”, distributed on December 6 to the pastoral agents of his diocese and presented to the press, the prelate deplored homosexual “marriage”, the adoption of children by same-sex couples, and what he calls “the (homo)-sexualization of children” by the school system. He called upon the faithful to “use their social rights” to protect “the dignity of man founded on the order of Creation and of Redemption.”

The very progressivist Swiss League of Catholic Women (SKF) has condemned this position taken up by Bishop Vitus Huonder. In a press release published on December 10, the SKF declared that this pastoral letter “not only attacked women’s rights” but also “defamed homosexuals”.

In an interview granted to the Swiss-German paper Sonntagsblick on December 15, 2013, Bishop Huonder pointed out that the goal of his letter was to defend “the Christian vision of man.” The bishop of Chur again denounced “the re-education program that seeks to persuade children that intrinsically they are neither girls nor boys, but, so to speak, neutral beings.”

(sources: apic—DICI no. 287, 12-20-2013)