Beautiful views of our Kenya mission

October 22, 2015
Source: District of the USA

Watch a video or see a slideshow of the SSPX's work in Kenya, Africa.

Our priestly society's missionary apostolate in Kenya has just published a webpage that shows the wonderful work being accomplished in that country.

Chief amongst the items offered is a beautiful video titled "Our projects in Kenya!", which is narrated by the prior, Fr. Nicolas Bely, who shows the newly-completed church and the multi-leveled Holy Cross Academy that is still under construction.

Another feature is a photo slideshow with images of the church's construction work and the finished building which includes a bell tower!

The next efforts for Holy Cross Priory in Nairobi will be spent on completing the academy building which is already filled with students! This 3-story building will also be used for housing the sisters and for hosting spiritual retreats.