Assignments and Locations of the Priests of the US District for 2019/2020

August 17, 2019
Source: District of the USA

Summer and early Fall is traditionally a time of great change within the Society of St. Pius X, with the 100+ priests of the District receiving their yearly assignments, generally the week of the Assumption.

As the SSPX was founded by Archbishop Lefebvre as a priestly fraternity akin to a missionary society, the priests, brothers, and deacons tend to be nomadic in order to serve as many souls as possible.

While there are many chapels which are serviced by travelling Fathers regularly, they all belong to a home priory. This is vital to the spiritual (and mental) well-being of our priests, since a priest living a solitary life does not receive the support of his fellow priests, faces the temptation to make the chapel "his own", lacks readily-available advice, and can tend to become quite set in his ways, as is humanly natural.

For this reason, priories act as hubs from which the priests make a mass exodus on the weekends to serve the chapels in nearby areas. This allows them during the week to pray, work, consult, and recreate in common, with the faithful reaping the benefits of this spiritual strength and rejuvenation.

Below are the home priories of the priests in the US District, and their scheduled mission assignments. This is subject to change, as the priests, like any of us, face illness and unexpected circumstances - but this is the proposed schedule as of August 15, 2019. 

Priests' Assignments:  2019/2020