Appeal: Join the Prayer Crusade for Priests

June 01, 2016
Source: District of the USA

This Prayer Crusade is an apostolate of the SSPX for our lay faithful specially dedicated to pray for our priests, their perseverance and guidance.

In the days leading up to the ordinations of 7 men in Winona on June 3, and in the days beyond, we are making a special appeal to all to join the Prayer Crusade for Priests. The Prayer Crusade for Priests is a work of the Society of St. Pius X in the United States for the sanctification and perseverance of priests and for priestly vocations. It is composed of lay Catholics, banded together in a united effort of prayer and penance for priests.

So as to make Jesus Christ reign in the world, there is nothing as necessary as the sanctity of the clergy, because by example, by word, and by knowledge, they guide the faithful…” St. Pius X

What do "Crusaders" Actually Do?

Basically, to pray for priests, their spiritual and physical welfare, perseverance in their vocation, protection from harm and scandal, graces necessary to become as holy as possible, and the ability to penetrate and sanctify the hearts of their faithful.

It seems to me that spending our whole lives in prayer for the defenders of the Church, for the preachers and the learned men who fight for Her, we would come as much as is in our power to the aid of their Adorable Master so unworthily persecuted.” St. Teresa of Avila

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