The appeal of The Angelus

July 08, 2014
Source: District of the USA

Find out how you can help The Angelus magazine continue being published.

Fr. Arnaud Rostand (USA District Superior) has launched an appeal for The Angelus magazine, founded in 1978:

Thirty-six years ago, in the midst of the chaos and confusion of the post-conciliar Church, Fr. Carl Pulvermacher and the staff of The Angelus set out on an ambitious mission: to publish a high-quality magazine dedicated to promoting traditional Catholic teaching on the liturgy, doctrine, and morality.

Since then, The Angelus has worked diligently for the establishment of the reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ on earth by educating the faithful, analyzing the dominant (and decadent) cultural trends, and sounding the alarm when anyone dares undermine the immemorial teachings of the Church."

Fr. Rostand continues later with this inspiring reminder about the importance of The Angelus magazine:

To this day, priests from inside and outside the SSPX, along with faithful around the world, express to me their immense gratitude for The Angelus. Priests explain how much they look forward to each issue and how they use the articles in their preaching, and incorporate the wisdom contained in the articles into their lives. The Angelus continues to win souls to Tradition, both among the clergy and the faithful! It is because of conversions like these that I have an obligation to continue to publish The Angelus."

The remainder of Fr. Rostand's letter can be read here on our website, but the gist of his appeal is to seek assistance in continuing the publication of The Angelus magazine.

How can you help?