Another Look Inside Operations of the Regina Coeli House - Assistant Priests & Staff

March 06, 2019
Source: District of the USA

Following the overview of the District House in last month's news, we turn to the assistant priests, brothers, and lay staff that make the U.S. District headquarters near Kansas City run as smoothly.  As always, the District is in great need of support for all the work that is done - much of it behind the scenes as you'll see.  Please consider a quick and secure donation - and will you support us monthly?   Donate Online

The Priests

Fr. Steven McDonald

(Second Assistant to the District Superior since 2012)

“Along with Fr. Beck, who is First Assistant, I assist the District Superior in ensuring the welfare of the priests, chapels and faithful by advising on questions of the apostolate within the District. I have had a chance to experience every aspect of the life of an SSPX priest while at the District. From District administration to running a parish and school to preaching retreats, I have had the fortune to work in a variety of roles. I can truly say I have seen first-hand the good work that is being done in the U.S.”

Fr. Scott Gardner

(District Bursar 2016, Canonical Commission).

“My role as the Bursar is to ensure that all the houses dependent on the District are in good financial and legal order and that all of the insurance, tax, corporate, and legal issues are addressed effectively and correctly. In this role, I oversee a professional staff of ten as well as all of the local treasurers. Regarding the District Canonical Commission, I see to it that of the canonical affairs of the District are in order, with the help of two professional staff as well as numerous priests. A District as large as ours simply could not exist, much less run smoothly, without a great deal of administrative work, and it is good to be able to take most of that work off of the already-heavy loads of the priests on the ground so that they can spend more time and effort in sanctifying themselves and the souls they serve.”

The Brothers

For the last 12 years since the Farley House, a brother’s main duty is to help form the community life so important for our priests. We pray for them, pray with them, take our meals with them and are there for whatever they might need in their daily life.

The Brothers in a few words:

“The District house is located in a beautiful and peaceful country setting, which helps set the mood, especially as the superiors have stocked the house with a great staff. You get to meet lots of great people and keep up with acquaintances. There is never a dull moment.”

Br. Gabriel-Marie

“I work as the IT Administrator and maintain the District Office’s platform as well as the network and computers. I am in charge of two apostolates: the Eucharistic Crusade and the Prayer Crusade for Priests.”

Br. Rene of Mary

“I am responsible for Property Maintenance and serve as Scout Master and National Secretary for the Archconfraternity of St. Stephen. When all is said and done, my superiors could very well do without me!”

The Secretaries

Kathy Rydholm

secretary and receptionist

“I have worked for the SSPX for more than 20 years, first in Armada, MI, then at the District. It has been a privilege to be able to serve God by assisting the priests and religious.”

Ginny Shepherd

Paralegal Secretary

Ginny keeps a diligent watch to ensure that each District corporation (100+) remains in good standing with the corresponding State, as well a real estate properties.

“Having worked in Post Falls, ID, and Dickinson, TX, and many years at the District, I have come to truly appreciate our priests and superiors for their sacrifices for the Priesthood.”

Cheryl Justin

Secretary to the District Superior

“Working on the administrative side of the District, I push a lot of paper and send a lot of emails, hopefully easing the burden for the priests. The SSPX has done so much for us, and it is a great pleasure for me to be able to work for the priests, and through them, for the Church and souls.”

The Cook and Maintenance Men

Patricia Ross

District Cook

“I have shared in the joys and crosses of the community and benefited from the Christian charity of the priests and brothers I serve. Meal time provides an opportunity for the community to be together, catch up and discuss their apostolate. It’s also a time for them to celebrate feast days, enjoy a nice meal, recharge and then go back to their duties.”

Dan Shepherd


“Being a convert, it has been my privilege to learn how to serve Mass and assist the priest at the altar. Likewise, working for four years with the Braves (young scouts) has been extremely rewarding.”

Joseph Rausch

Maintenance and Driver

“Knowing so many priests has brought me into contact with many other people who I can often help in many different ways.”

The Accounting Department

The following staff work from the Infant Jesus Office, located down the street from the Regina Coeli House offices:

Blake Christensen (US District Accounting Manager

Lisa Gerdes (US District Assistant Accounting Manager)

Kordel Lentine (Compliance Officer: Tax, Insurance & National Programs)

Kayla McCrary (US District Senior Chapel Accountant)

Teri Whitson (Chapel Accountant)

Ivon Escobar-Lupea (Chapel Accountant)

DiAnna Schnell (Executive Administrator)

“Many people think of accounting as very boring or dry, and it certainly can be when explaining a payroll or IRS tax issue, however I am very fortunate that nearly every day brings a new project. As someone who is focused on serving others, it brings me great joy to be able to help, however I can. I love being able to teach others, and help them to understand how and why we do what we do...

I have truly enjoyed working for the District. The staff is helpful, resourceful and pleasant to be around...

I have learned more every day with the Society and enjoy working with quality people. It is a pleasure to work with and for the SSPX.”

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