Absolution on Aconcagua

February 11, 2015
Source: District of the USA

An SSPX priest gave absolution to a dying climber while climbing the tallest mountain of South America.

Chances are, when you think of South America, your first thought is not of snow-covered mountains... but then you recall the great Andes mountains from your geography class!

This high mountain range runs the greater portion of the continent from the north to the southwest, and marks the boundary of Chile to the Pacific side and Argentina on the Atlantic. The range's highest peak is Aconcagua, located in the Mendoza Province of Argentina, which has a height of 22,837 feet high. This makes Aconcagua 2,500 feet higher than our States' tallest mountain in Alaska, Mt. McKinley, and 6,100 less than Mt. Everest in Nepal.

So what does Aconcagua have to do with the Society of St. Pius X? Recently we received an e-mail from a reader in Argentina, who submitted this edifying news related to that great mountain:

Dear Friends, I was impressed when I read the article "Mass with a great view" with the photo of the Grand Canyon.

I also want to tell you that on January 31st, our Buenos Aires' prior reached the summit of the highest mountain of our continent, the Aconcagua. His name is Fr. Ezequiel Maria Rubio.

However, his most important action on his way up was the absolution he gave to an English climber who died during his ascension. In such places, Our God is very present!!!"

A poignant reminder indeed of not only Almighty God's omnipresence, but also how we must always have our souls in a state of grace and ready for Our Creator's call from this life.

Above Padre Rubio can be seen in front of the short metal cross located at the mountain's summit holding a banner with the SSPX's joined Hearts logo and the words: Fraternidad San Pio X, Aconcagua 2015, which he attached to the cross and left in commemoration of his feat of mountaineering—and dare we say, a testament to his pastoral solicitude to save a soul!

We offer below an image gallery showing Aconcaqua and the Andes range from a distance, a closer view of the approach and 2 image of Fr. Rubio with his SSPX banner he left at the summit.