25th Anniversary of the Ordination of Fr. Steven Soos and Fr. Lawrence Novak

August 13, 2019
Source: District of the USA

A solemn High Mass celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ordination of Fr. Steven Soos and Fr. Lawrence Novak was held on June 29th at St. Mary's Assumption Church in St. Louis, Missouri. 

A solemn high Mass celebrated by Fr. Lawrence Novak assisted by Frs. Soos and Kenneth Novak, and enhanced by a sermon on the virtues of the priest, delivered by Fr. Jurgen Wegner, US District Superior.

The liturgy was followed by a luncheon reception held at the academy in their honor with over 125 guests, including Frs. Jurgen Wegner,  Kenneth Novak, Isaac Delmanowski, Dylan Flanery, Christopher Feeney, along with Brother Dominic, family, and many friends.

St. Louis was chosen by both priests as Fr. Soos had been a pastor for many years in St. Louis and Fr. Novak's family lives in the nearby Chicago area.

Unfortunately Fr. Albert, O.P., also celebrating an ordination anniversary, could not attend as he is still sorting out visa issues.