20 years of Tradition in Eastern Europe

September 10, 2014
Source: District of the USA

A colorful edition of Mater Misericordia detailing the SSPX's work of 20 years in Eastern Europe is now available!

Amongst the annual transfers that took place this August within the SSPX was the transferring of the long-time Superior in Eastern Europe, Fr. Karl Stehlin, to the Asia District. Now in Singapore City, Singapore, Fr. Stehlin has taken over the reigns as District Superior of Asia from the equally long-serving Fr. Daniel Couture (who is now the District Superior in Canada).

To properly say goodbye and show its appreciation to the much-beloved Fr. Stehlin, the most recent issue of the Eastern Europe's newsletter, Mater Misericordia, was dedicated to his extensive work in those regions, which lasted a period of 20 years: 1994-2014.

This 24-page issue of Mater Misericordia shows magnificently through numerous color pictures the extensive work of the Eastern Europe Autonomous House,[1] which Fr. Stehlin began in Poland and has now spread to include Russia, the Ukraine, Lithuania, Belarus, Estonia, and Latvia.

Another important apostolate undertaken by Fr. Stehlin was the promotion of the Militia Immaculate movement of Fr. Maximillian Kolbe, for which he even published a book: Militia Immaculatae: The Knighthood of Immaculate Virgin Mary.

  • [1]. An autonomous house differs administratively than a district.