2 Americans Make Professions to Consoling Sisters of Sacred Heart in Italy

June 29, 2018
Source: Priory Phoenix

The Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart are less well-known than the SSPX Sisters, but are growing, both at their motherhouse in Narni, Italy, and the orphanage they oversee in India

An Account from Mr. Bruce Lengyel, father of Sister Maria Elisabetta di Gesu' Bambino
Shared with his gracious permission

Dear Family and Friends,

Sister Maria Elisabetta di Gesu' Bambino (Sister Maria Elizabeth of the Child Jesus) would like to thank her family, friends, and benefactors and also remind them of the many graces that Heaven promises to bestow upon everyone who prayed for and / or made donations in honor of the Vestition Ceremony.  Her new name was given to her by Mother Superior, Sister Maria Rita, and this name was chosen to honor 2 Religious Nuns, "St. Elizabeth of the Trinity" (who they all say Hope looks like) and "Sister Maria Elisabetta" (Mother Superior's first Superior when she entered the Convent now 50 years ago).  

Sister is now officially a "Spousa di Cristo" and she will be praying and making sacrifices for you.  She asks for your prayers for her religious community as well.  The Consoling Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are growing!  They have the Convent here, they cook / clean for Priests, Seminarians, and Faithful at a Retreat Center in Northern Italy, and they run an orphanage for girls in southern India that now cares for over 60 female Indian orphans.  They hope to build a new Novitiate building and Chapel here as soon as they are able and they feel that God is calling them (based on the 7 Americans who have entered the Order over the past several years) to open a Convent in the United States within 4 to 5 years.

Attached are some photos of the ceremony on Friday, some from Saturday when Sister Maria Elisabetta and Sister Maria Philomena took some of the flowers from the ceremony to the graves of the Order's Founder (Father Basilio Rosati) / a previous Mother Superior (Sister Maria Elisabetta) / a Sister who died at an early age (Sister Maria Emma), and some of the town of Narni.  Professional photos which were taken by a local Priest (also an excellent photographer) should be available within several days and we can send some of them once we have them.  Sister also promises to send everyone who wrote notes to her and / or made donations a note in return, prayers cards from the ceremony, and a photo.

The ceremony started with the Clothing Ceremony followed by a traditional Latin High Mass with 12 Priests on the altar (6 Society of St. Pius X Priests and 6 Diocesan Priests).  There were also some other Priests in attendance, visiting Nuns from another Order, family, friends, local Faithful, and benefactors.

The 7 American Sisters at the Motherhouse in Narni, Italy, with Fr. Mark Stafki

All the Nuns also currently care for elderly women at the Motherhouse in Narni (where most of the Sisters are now).  That service is what they feel they may be called to do in the U.S. because they have historically done so (care for the elderly and especially for elderly Priests / Religious).  They are even wondering if they may be called to serve at the planned future SSPX retirement community.  Also, Sister Maria Marcella (Kerry) and her family hail from Seattle and are Parishioners of Corpus Christi Church (SSPX) in Edmonds, Washington.

Attached are some group photos: The first photo is of the all of the Sisters only excluding 2 of their elderly Nuns and the 7 Nuns who are in India.  After are some other photos are of all of the Americans with Father Stafki who visited, met with individually, and said daily Mass for the week following the Vestition Ceremony.

Please pray for our daughter and these beautiful Spouses of Christ!

- Bruce