Women's 5-Day Retreat (7/2015); St. Louis, MO

July 06 - July 11, 2015
Sojourn Retreat Center; Dittmer, MO

St. Mary’s Assumption Church in St. Louis, Missouri is hosting a 5-day Ignatian Retreat for women. This is the second Midwest Annual Retreat for women and the first 5-day version.

  • Dates: Monday, July 6 to Saturday, July 11
  • Retreat Master: Fr. Stephen McDonald
  • Cost: $495 per person; this includes costs for the center, meals, etc.
  • Reservation: send a $100 deposit to the retreat coordinator listed below.

Make check payable to: St. Mary's Assumption
Mail to:
2015 Retreat Coordinator
124 Bal Harbour Drive
St. Louis MO 63146

  • Timeframe: deposit needed immediately to hold reservation (first come, first reserved); final balance of $395 due by June 19th to retreat coordinator.
  • Location: Sojourn Retreat Center in Dittmer, MO; approximately 40 miles southwest of downtown St. Louis.
  • Shuttles: the retreat location was chosen so it was a convenient drive for the Midwest chapels. At this time, there are no plans for shuttles from St Louis to Sojourn.

Additional information will be sent upon registration.

For further details, contact the retreat coordinator.

A retreatant's testimony

September 1, 2014

I attend the first retreat offered here in St. Louis, requesting the same day it was in our bulletin. It was SUCH a blessing for me because it was held only 27 miles from St. Mary's Assumption Church (my parish since 2007), instead of a very long distance to Los Gatos, Phoenix & Ridgefield. As I said before, this was SUCH a blessing for all of us.

The Women's 3-day retreat started July 13, ending July 15th. This time and presentation exceeded my expectation in every way, and I pray we will see more retreats in the future, hopefully held at the same location: the Sojurn Retreat Center in Dittner, MO. It's a lovely tree-filled site which is a perfect background for meditation, prayer and inner peace our hungry souls seek.

Thank you for the opportunity to attend such a lovely retreat here in St. Louis.

Many thanks to Fr. Young's excellent presentation and his spiritual guidance to his flock. Bless the Society in all its love and faithfulness.

Yours truly,

Elizabeth Kohles
O'Fallon, MO