Santa Fe Pilgrimage to Padilla Cross: Lyons, KS

27 Jul - 28 Jul
Lyons, Kansas

The Santa Fe Pilgrimage is a 33-mile walk made overnight to the Padilla Cross situated just outside of Lyons, Kansas. The 26' tall granite cross commemorates America's Protomartyr, Fr. Juan de Padilla, a Spanish Franciscan who gave his life for the Catholic Faith in 1542.

The 2018 pilgrimage is from Friday, July 28 to Saturday, July 29 and is for men and boys only. To get a sense of what this unique pilgrimage is like (the only men-boys pilgrimage walked overnight), watch the video of the 2015 pilgrimage and see the image gallery below.

The pilgrimage's motto of "Take the nail!" comes from its special scrip (or badge), which is a square nail. Before starting the walk, every pilgrim receives a blessed nail to carry throughout the pilgrimage. At the pilgrimage's conclusion, those who completed all 33 miles receive a special red nail, while a white one is given to the hard-working support team members.

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