Santa Fe Pilgrimage to Padilla Cross: Lyons, KS

July 28 - July 29, 2023
Lyons, Kansas

The Reconquista of America: Men and boys are invited to “take the nail” and tread in the footsteps of America’s Protomartyr. 

Join this unique 33-mile pilgrimage to the Padilla Cross near Lyons, KS, where the Catholic Faith was planted in the USA in 1541. 

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Pilgrimage time and location: This year the pilgrimage will be held from Friday, July 28th to Saturday, July 29th. The westward path is 33 miles over gravel roads (and parts of the old Santa Fe Trail) and is concluded at the Padilla Cross, about a mile west of Lyons, Kansas.

Significance of this pilgrimage: The Padilla Cross marks the location of a Quiviran Indian village and is dedicated to Fray Juan de Padilla, a Spanish Franciscan priest who journeyed with the Coronado Expedition to spread the Catholic Faith for the salvation of souls. The Quiviran Indians martyred him while he was attempting to evangelize the Kaw Indians in November 1542 (78 years before Plymouth Rock and 104 years before the North American Martyrs), giving him the distinction of being America’s Protomartyr.

Pilgrimage intentions: The Santa Fe Pilgrimage has a three-fold intention:
1). To effect a Catholic reconquista of our country for the Social Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ
2). To make reparation for the modern apostasy of the Church’s hierarchy.
3). The final special intention will be announced by the district superior before the pilgrimage.

Register for the Pilgrimage: To register, please sign one of the “release of liability’’ forms attached (this also includes transportation via SMAC school buses). We will arrange transportation to the pilgrimage from The Onyx Collection south parking lot on Friday July 28th, and then back to the Onyx parking lot Saturday afternoon (around 3:30pm). If you prefer to drive yourself or a group, that is fine, just let Luis Jacas know. Important Note: It is dangerous to walk the pilgrimage, stay up all night, and then drive home! Any minors not accompanied by their father must bring the attached signed form and have selected a designated guardian. Fees are payable by cash or check, checks made out to Luis Jacas. The signed forms can be given, dropped off or mailed to Luis Jacas at 301 Alma Street, St. Marys KS 66536. Please have forms signed and payment turned in before the pilgrimage, but if you must bring it the day of, that is fine. For more info, contact the pilgrimage coordinator, Luis Jacas (785-844-3285 or [email protected]).

What we provide: Along with transportation, we will provide plenty of water, fruit and trail mix at every rest stop
(approximately every 3 miles). We will provide dinner on Friday night, Sugar Creek is also donating a meal after mass on Saturday morning. We provide blessed nails (pilgrim’s scrip). If you complete all 33 miles, you will also receive the coveted red nail! We will have a large medical kit on hand and a rear van following to pick up those who need a break or cannot continue.

Things to bring the day of: Broken-in footwear, a change of socks, a rosary, pancho (in case it rains) and that is pretty much it. Not much else is needed, it will just weigh you down.

Prefer to help the needed support team? Join the Support Team! You can make the pilgrimage by providing key support to the walking pilgrims as a rest stop assistant (setting up and taking down), support vehicle driver and/or you can bring or lend us your 12-15 passenger van for a support vehicle. Contact Luis Jacas to sign up or for more details*.

Schedule for Friday, July 28th and Saturday the 29th: We will leave The Onyx Collection parking lot on Friday, July 28th at 2:30pm. Please show up on time. Between 5pm and 5:30pm we will assemble at the McPherson Walmart parking lot (205 S. Centennial Drive, McPherson, Kansas) in the northwest corner. The trip to McPherson from St. Marys takes about 2.5 hours, so plan accordingly if you are driving your own vehicle. Vehicles will be left in the Walmart parking lot and pilgrims shuttled to the pilgrimage starting point. At approximately 6pm will start the pilgrimage at Eisenhower Road, 8pm the dinner stop, and after 33 miles straight with no sleep, a 9am Mass at Padilla Cross on Saturday.

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