Santa Fe Pilgrimage to Padilla Cross: Lyons, KS

July 23 - July 24, 2021
Lyons, Kansas

The Reconquista of America: Men and boys are invited to “take the nail” and tread in the footsteps of America’s Protomartyr. 

Join this unique 33-mile pilgrimage to the Padilla Cross near Lyons, KS, where the Catholic Faith was planted in the USA in 1541. 


Pilgrimage time and location : This year the pilgrimage will be held from Friday, July 23rd to Saturday, July 24th. The westward path is 33 miles over gravel roads (and parts of the old Santa Fe Trail) and is concluded at the Padilla Cross, about a mile west of Lyons, Kansas.

Significance of this pilgrimage​: The Padilla Cross marks the location of a Quiviran Indian village and is  dedicated to Fray Juan de Padilla, a Spanish Franciscan priest who journeyed with the Coronado  Expedition to spread the Catholic Faith for the salvation of souls. The Quiviran Indians martyred him  while he was attempting to evangelize the Kaw Indians in the November 1542 (78 years before Plymouth  Rock and 104 years before the North American Martyrs) giving him the distinction of being America’s Protomartyr. 

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