San Antonio Missions Pilgrimage

March 09, 2024
San Antonio, TX

The pilgrimage to the San Antonio Spanish missions pays honor to the Franciscan friars who founded the settlement of San Antonio in the early 18th century.

Spanish missionaries built five large missions which served as a center of religion, government, trade, military protection, and civilization for the indigenous Indian tribes of the area. The pilgrimage brings attention to the deep Catholic roots of Texas history and to the many missionaries who labored and not a few who gave their lives to the building of Christian civilization. The pilgrimage covers several miles of walking, with prayers and the Holy Mass, to the four remaining missions churches which are still used to this day (the fifth mission that is not part of the pilgrimage is the famous “Alamo” which has long been closed for religious purposes).

It is a great opportunity to display real Catholic Tradition in the heart of what was once Catholic America. Viva Cristo Rey!

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