Pilgrimage for Catholic Tradition - Chartres to Paris

June 03 - June 06, 2022
Chartres, France

After a two-year hiatus, Chartres-Paris is back!
"We are the youth of God" such is the inspiring theme that our superiors proposed to us. In this world where, as Father Calmel says, the devil is determined to make men old... We will walk behind little Saint Thérèse, Saint Joan of Arc and Godefroy de Bouillon in the enthusiasm of youth.

Come walk with us, it's necessary!
It is necessary to get you out of your daily life and rediscover the mortification of walking in an atmosphere of prayer and effort.
This is necessary for our Church! May we see the banners of Christianity flying again in Chartres, in our Beauceron plains to end with the triumphal procession of Paris.
It is necessary for our isolated friends, for those who do not have the happiness of living near a real parish, for our foreign friends who are always amazed and reinvigorated by the strength of tradition in France.
It is necessary for those who will see you pass by and know that Christianity is not dead.

Come one, come all!
See you on Saturday June 4, 2021 in the gardens of the Bishop's Palace in Chartres!

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