Pilgrim Virgin in Arcadia, CA

March 24 - March 30, 2017
Our Lady of the Angels, Arcadia, CA

Our Lady continues her journey through the United States with a stop in Arcadia, just east of Los Angeles:

Novena Preparation Prayer March 15 - March 23 after each daily Mass

  • Friday March 24, 2017
    6:30 pm Confession/Reception Ceremony of 9 parts including Rosary;
    7:30pm Stations of the Cross and Blessing with Relic of the True Cross
  • Saturday March 25, 2017
    Ladies Day of Recollection open to Women 15 and up:
    8:00am Sung Mass,
    9am Breakfast(Bring your lunch also);
    10am Conference and meditation;
    11am Consultations with a priest;
    12pm Lunch with a reading;
    1pm Confessions and free time to read or pray;
    2pm Conference and Meditation;
    3pm Benediction with Rosary
  • Sunday March 26, 2017
    6:40am Confessions;
    7am Rosary;
    7:30am Mass and first Sermon on the Fatima Children;
    9am Confessions;
    9:30am Rosary;
    10am Mass and second Sermon on the Fatima Children with a short procession with the Pilgrim Virgin;
    Consecration of the Parish and Academy
  • Monday March 27, 2017
    6:30pm Mass/Confessions;
    7:15pm Rosary with Meditations;
    20min Sermon on the History of the Apparitions and Message of the Secrets
  • Tuesday March 28, 2017
    6:30pm Mass/Confessions;
    7:15pm Our Lady of Sorrows chaplet with Meditations;
    20min Sermon on Our Lady of Quito;
    Enrollments in the Brown Scapular
  • Wednesday March 29 2017
    6:30pm Mass/Confessions;
    7:15pm Rosary and Meditations;
    20min Sermon on Fr. Kolbe and Militia Immaculate;
    Miraculous Medal Enrollments
  • Thursday March 30, 2017
    6:30pm Closing Ceremony:
    1. Fatima Prayers
    2. 20min Sermon on Our Lady and the Eucharist
    3.Benediction and Rosary
    6. Departure
    7.Thanksgiving to Our Lady
    8. Farewell to Our Lady!!