Pilgrim Statue in St. Paul, MN

June 19 - June 25, 2015
Immaculate of Mary Church, St. Paul, MN

The Pilgrim Virgin statue of Our Lady of Fatima is touring the United States District of the SSPX, and will arrive at St. Paul’s on Friday, June 19.
This visit will be accompanied by a parish mission preached at Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel.
The Statue will then visit the Academy at Oak Grove, MN.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Church

875 Manomin Avenue S. | St. Paul, MN 55107 | 651-224-5944

Friday June 19

6:00pm Reception Ceremony Procession
6:35pm Rosary Confession
7:00pm Low Mass - sermon Confession
7:45pm Instructions & Resolutions (Chapel)
8:30pm End the evening  

Saturday June 20

8:30am Rosary Confessions
9:00am Solemn High Mass - sermon Votive Mass of the IHM
11:00am Instructions

Adults (Chapel)

Children (Basement)

1:00pm Procession 1 hour (with Rosary)
2:00pm Resolutions (Chapel)
2:15pm End the day  

Sunday June 21

6:30am Confessions  
7:30am Low Mass - sermon  
9:00am Confessions  
10:00am Low Mass - sermon  
  Benediction Act of Consecration
1:30pm Departure for Academy  

Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy

777 221st Avenue NW | Oak Grove (St. Paul), MN 55011 | 763-753-8614

Sunday June 21

2:30pm Arrival of the Statue  
7:00pm Station of the Cross  
7:30 - 23:55pm Vigil to Our Lady  

Monday June 22

8:00am Low Mass Instruction
9:00am Closure Ceremony  

June 23-24

6:30pm Rosary  

Thursday June 25

8:00am Rosary  
9:00am Departure