Pilgrim Statue in St. Mary's, KS

May 09 - May 14, 2015
St. Mary's, KS

The Pilgrim Virgin statue of Our Lady of Fatima is touring the United States District of the SSPX, and will arrive in St. Mary’s on Saturday, May 9.  This visit will be accompanied by a parish mission in Our Lady’s honor.

Thursday, April 30 - Friday, May 8
Novena of preparation for the visit of the Pilgrim Virgin Statue.  The prayers of the novena are on holy cards available in the church vestibule.  All are welcome to take a card. If needed, you can download the Novena here.

Saturday, May 9
9:00am - Arrival and Reception of Pilgrim Virgin Statue outside the Auditorium.
Solemn Mass in the Auditorium.

Sunday, May 10
The Pilgrim Virgin will be in the Assumption Chapel at an altar of honor for Mothers’ Day.

Monday, May 11 Tuesday, May 12 Wenesday, May 13
7:00pm (Auditorium) 7:00pm (Auditorium) 7:00pm (Quadrangle)
Rosary Rosary May Crowning
Conference: Prayer Conference: Penance Sermon
Benediction Benediction Candle Procession
    Consecration & Closure Ceremony