My Lent for Africa

April 03 - April 20, 2014

Fr. Loic Duverger, District Superior of Africa, gives a presentation of the SSPX missionary efforts on this continent while making an appeal for our help!

During these remaining days of Lent, please consider supporting the District of Africa which will allow the priests of the Society of St. Pius X to continue the good missionary work of Archbishop Lefebvre in these lands.

An overview of SSPX's missionary work in Africa

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

We would like to thank Fr. Rostand, District Superior of the United States, for allowing us to explain a portion of the enormous needs of another large SSPX district, the District of Africa.

The Society of St Pius X presently has 7 priories and 3 schools in Africa. The first priory opened in 1984 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and now has about 300 faithful. Archbishop Lefebvre himself came back to Gabon (his former field of apostolate from 1932 to 1945) and founded a mission in 1986: this mission has now almost 2,000 faithful, and a school divided in three parts: primary boys, primary girls & secondary boys. The same year 1986 another mission was founded in Zimbabwe. Since then, three other priories have been opened: Durban (South Africa) in 1992, Nairobi (Kenya) in 2003, and Enugu (Nigeria) in 2012. In addition, the SSPX runs two other primary schools: one in Johannesburg (South Africa), and another one in Nairobi (Kenya).

Today, 22 priests, 2 brothers and 8 sisters of the SSPX are taking care of about 4,000 souls in Africa. They are established in the five abovementioned priories, and on top of that still have to visit the faithful of 10 other countries where the SSPX has not yet established permanent priories: Namibia, Madagascar, Reunion, Mauritius, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Cameroon, Nigeria and Senegal.

Considering the extent of tasks, we must make choices and get to the most important, to devote ourselves to the works which will produce the greatest and the most lasting effects.

Following our founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, all our action is directed towards the priesthood and all that leads to it. Also, after having established priories that bring to the families the assistance of the Mass and the sacraments, we must consequently open schools in order to train the children under God’s sight and to give them not only the means to defend their faith, but also the truths that will help them to make Christ the King reign over their country.

Our District of Africa has only 3 schools. It is very few compared to the necessities, but it is a lot for our poor finances. The African economy is in such a state of depletion that the families can scarcely afford school tuition. In addition, we must expand the premises to make possible to offer a comprehensive education to the children that we train. These are additional costs that our scarce resources cannot cope with. The budget for expanding our high school in Gabon is $700,000, the construction of the school in Kenya is $500,000. In South Africa we will soon have to add some classrooms and the budget will be similar to that of Kenya.

So, with the greatest humility, we appeal simply to your generosity. We know that you give much to build and develop your own schools. Just as Lazarus in the Gospel "desirous to be fed with what falls from the master's table" (Lk. 16:21) or as the Canaanite woman who answers the Divine Master saying he came for the only children of Israel, "the small dogs eat what falls from the Master's table" (Matt. 15:24).

Whatever you can give during this time of Lent will be used to cement brick upon brick and to patiently build classrooms for our children, following the rhythm of Providence.

If you cannot give, we know that we can count on your prayers to the Immaculate Virgin. They are precious and indispensable. Our Good Heavenly Mother will transform them into valuable and beneficial graces for you and for us.

With all my gratitude,

Fr. Loic Duverger