Cataldo Pilgrimage to Fr. De Smet's Sacred Heart Mission - Idaho

July 21 - July 23, 2023
Cataldo, Idaho

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Pilgrimage to the Sacred Heart Mission, Cataldo, Idaho

Our annual pilgrimage to the old Sacred Heart Indian Mission in Cataldo, Idaho from Immaculate Conception Church in Post Falls is a 50-mile spiritual journey that spans 3 days, involves hundreds of Catholics from across the United States joined in prayer, song, and camaraderie.

For 20+ years, men women and children of all ages have gathered in Post Falls during the month of July to give honor to God and profess their Catholic Faith by journeying over 50 miles, through heat, rain, and even snow, culminating the pilgrimage with a traditional Solemn Mass in Idaho's oldest Catholic church: Sacred Heart Mission of the Coeur d'Alene Indians in Cataldo.


The pilgrimage will be broken into chapters or small groups of people for everyone's spiritual and temporal benefit. By limiting the number of people in each chapter to 30-40 people, the priest giving spiritual direction will not have to shout or use a megaphone for the pilgrims to hear, the pilgrims can easily keep the pace, and the small number of pilgrims in the chapter will give all the pilgrims the ability to participate in the peace. In addition, since each chapter will be small in size, it will be easy to ensure that pilgrims are not overly fatigued or left behind. Pilgrims can join a chapter at the start of each day or change to a different one after the next major break.


The Heart of Mary Guild will ask dozens of ladies to volunteer their time, their kitchens, and their skills to prepare, deliver and serve breakfast and dinner for the three days of the pilgrimage. On Sunday, the lunch served at 2pm is a celebratory feast, and we invite all to attend, even those not walking (don't forget to sign-up for this).

Pilgrims should pack their own lunch and any snacks needed for Friday and Saturday. Water will be provided at the campsites and throughout the day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. See the website for hydration items and other pilgrimage necessities.

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Photos from the 19th Annual Pilgrimage