Candlemas - Taking of the cassock and tonsure

February 02, 2018
Daily prayers for donning the clerical attire

The taking of the cassock and the reception of clerical tonsure will take place on Candlemas Day.

Those seminarians enrolled in the Year of Spirituality will receive the cassock, and those seminarians in the Year of First Philosophy will receive clerical tonsure. The present custom in the Society of St. Pius X is to receive the cassock one year before becoming a cleric.

A Pontifical High Mass at 9:00 AM will be celebrated in which will take place the blessing, distribution, and procession of candles; the reception of the cassock; and the conferal of the clerical tonsure. Please see the bulletin for further details.

Join us in a novena.

Please remember to pray for our seminarians making this important step in their priestly formation, especially by participating in this special novena to Our Lady.

Recommended reading:

  • The seminary has reproduced Archbishop Lefebvre's reflection on wearing the cassock for your deeper appreciation of the step which the seminarians in the year of spirituality are about to make.
  • The seminary also suggests Priestly Holiness, a collection of writings by Archbishop Lefebvre, on the steps which are made to the priesthood each year in the seminary. It contains much spiritual reflection and insight of our founder. It is used by seminarians and has now been made available to the faithful.

Let us pray.

O Lord, grant us priests.
O Lord, grant us holy priests.
O Lord, grant us many holy priests.
O Lord, grant us many holy religious vocations.
O Lord, grant us many holy Catholic families.

V.  St. Pius X,
R.  Pray for us.