Blessing of Our New Seminary

November 04, 2016
Dillwyn, VA

We invite you to come and attend the ceremony of the blessing of our new seminary by H. E. Bishop Fellay.

The inauguration day of a seminary cannot be held for a restricted circle of handpicked, privileged people. Such a day must attract a substantial number of faithful concerned for the future of the Church, of Christendom and of souls."

Schedule for Inauguration Day

10.00 am Pontifical Mass
12.00 pm Refreshments
12.30 pm Lunch (please register here)
2.00 pm Blessing of the new buildings
2.30 pm Guided visit to the Seminary (This will be the one and only opportunity to tour the building!)

Locations for Accommodations

 • Charlottesville (45 min by car)
 • Dillwyn (15 min)
 • Scottsville (20 min)

Location of the New Seminary

1208 Archbishop Lefebvre Avenue
Dillwyn, VA 23936-3480

(507) 454-8000

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