2018 Angelus Press Conference: 50 Years Since Humanae Vitae

October 12 - October 14, 2018
Kansas City Airport Hilton

 Never before in the history of mankind has society so thoroughly questioned every aspect of morality. The rise of new complex moral issues directly affect our ability to live as strong Catholics - and this year’s event was made to answer the questions these moral issues create. It is essential that we as Catholics are able to discern the right course of action, not only for ourselves, but also to educate the generations of tomorrow...

A few of the topics to be covered in the 2018 Angelus Press Conference  . . .

How should we look at Genetic Engineering? Gun control and self-defense? Euthanasia? Immigration? Mental Health? Organ Donation? Capital Punishment? Gene Therapy? Cloning? Race? Modern Healthcare? Abortion?

This October, Angelus Press once again brings together some of the best Catholic thinkers, speakers, and writers, including Bishop Fellay, to consider this year’s topic:

50 years Since Humanae Vitae: What does the Church Really Teach About Life?

Join us October 12-14th as we explore these and other topics and enjoy a relaxing weekend filled with interesting discussions, fun group activities, luxury dining and accommodations, and so much more!