Our Lady of Sorrows: Phoenix

September 30, 2015
District of the USA
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There are few places in the entire world like Our Lady of Sorrows. Located in south Phoenix, Our Lady of Sorrows is a Catholic community that offers a complete life centered around the Latin Mass and the traditions of the Faith.

Here at Our Lady of Sorrows, the community enjoys a vibrant Catholic environment, a priory of traditionally-formed priests, and a private school—all centered around the daily sacrifice of the Mass.

Our Lady of Sorrows takes root in the unchanging Mass of All Time, because from it flow the sacraments. These channels of graces help each person through every stage of their life.

The work of Tradition at Our Lady of Sorrows is unique: there are over 600 parishioners that attend daily or weekly Mass here; of these over 200 are children.

The school attached to Our Lady of Sorrows serves to educate and form the youth to be responsible adults, who—by their love of God—want to serve Him in their fellow man.

For more information about Our Lady of Sorrows Church & Academy, please visit: www.ourladyofsorrows.org.

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