A Standard of Hope

December 14, 2015
District of the USA

This video highlights the continuing progress on the construction of the SSPX's new seminary in Virginia. Below are some extracts from the priests who commented about the crucial importance of this new edifice devoted to the formation of Catholic priests.

This facade gives the building a special beauty—a beauty worthy of it's purpose; to form priests for the Church; and a durability to ensure this work will continue for generations to come.

The Church, the Mass, the priesthood, that's all so interwoven, you can't have one without the other—any one of them without the other.

So much is invested in this new seminary because, for the Society of St. Pius X, our sole goal is the formation of priests.

We want to invite and be able to accept as many young men who approach us; we want them to also have an environment where they can truly absorb Catholic culture, they truly take on the spirit of the Church. And that's, that's what the New Seminary Project is going to provide for them.

The fact that we have had to find a new way to house them, the fact that we’ve outgrown the current seminary is absolutely a sign of hope for them; I’d say a great encouragement not only to them as faithful but also to us as priests.

Our new seminary is still in progress. Trusting in God's providence, St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary will move to Virginia in the Fall of 2016.

For more information and to see current project updates, go to: www.newseminaryproject.org.