Bishop Fellay 10-12-2013 AP conference: 2

October 17, 2013

Our Lady of Fatima and the Crisis in the Church: Part 2

This talk was given on Saturday, October 12 by Bishop Bernard Fellay (SSPX Superior General) during the 2013 Angelus Press Conference.

Summary of part 2:

  1. The Third Secret concerns a "touchy" matter for the Church.
  2. Sister Lucy: "It's all in the Apocalypse, chapters 8-13 ".
  3. Third Secret concerns the Antichrist... and more.
  4. Pope Francis' Act of Entrustment, not Consecration.
  5. Fulfilling the Fatima message, prayer and penance.
  6. The Son of Perdition may already be among us.
  7. Dealing with the crisis.
  8. God's coming chastisement... and Providence.
  9. The necessity of devotion to Our Lady.

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