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Want to help a good cause? You can by contributing to the Society of St. Pius X and help its worldwide apostolate for Catholic Tradition!

How can I donate?

We offer a variety of ways for donating online:

  • Single-time payments
  • Recurring payments (manage the amount and frequency)
  • Credit, debit card or PayPal
  • Just shop Amazon!
  • [see below if you want to send a check]

You can even dedicate your donation to a loved one!

What can I donate to?


General Fund

Donating to this fund will help the day-to-day expenses of the district office: from paper clips, to photocopy paper, to the salaries of our dedicated lay staff. 
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Our Various Apostolates

As the SSPX grows, the needs of our different apostolates grows along with it.  There is always a project or an appeal of some sort that has urgency.
Or set a recurring donation for our foreign missions, St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, or other funds!
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Amazon programs

We have 2 programs that enable you to give while shopping on Amazon—and without spending an extra penny! Sign up now: more info>

How to send a check

Mail to: Regina Coeli House  PO Box 206  Farley, MO 64028

If your donation is not intended for our general fund, please include a note indicating the specific fund.


  • How can I obtain a tax receipt for my donation?
  • Can I include the SSPX in my will?
  • Can I be assured that my donation will be used for what I earmarked it?
  • Can I donate to a particular chapel or school?
  • Can I donate some of my assests to the SSPX?

For answers, please contact our Development office: [email protected] or 816-733-2575