Join the Rosary Crusade!

A new Rosary Crusade launched by the SSPX

The 5-million Rosary Crusade for 2014 announced recently by Bishop Bernard Fellay (SSPX Superior General) begins on January 1, 2014 and runs until June 8, 2014.

The three-fold object of this Rosary Crusade for the good of the entire Catholic Church is:

  1. To implore from the Immaculate Heart of Mary a special protection for the traditional apostolate;
  2. For the return to Tradition within the Church;
  3. For the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the consecration of Russia.

Bishop Fellay has also suggested additional means in which we can add to the spiritual bouquet of rosaries to accomplish this object:

  • Prayer and penance as asked for at Fatima;
  • Sanctification through the duty of state;
  • Spirit of sacrifice in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

In a new video interview, Bishop Fellay speaks of the importance of this Rosary Crusade for the entire Church, while USA District Superior, Fr. Arnaud Rostand, speaks of the importance of having a "crusading spirit" in a special letter.

Anyone can join the Rosary Crusade!

You can use any of these three options for keeping track of the number of rosaries offered:

If you attend an SSPX chapel: Rosary Crusade booklets are available at all of the SSPX's chapels in the USA District. You can also print out any of the above options. Please remember to turn in your rosaries totals directly to your chapel.

If you do not attend an SSPX chapel: please feel free to join the Rosary Crusade! Just print out one of the above options to keep track of your rosaries offered for the Rosary Crusade and submit it to the District Office per the instructions.

More info about the Rosary Crusade