Is there a crisis in the Church today? Episode 6

A crucial question for Catholics today is if the Church is suffering a grave crisis.

Here in Episode 6 of our SSPX FAQ videos, we address the important question: "Is there a crisis in the Church today?"

Have you ever wondered why have so many churches, schools, convents, monasteries and seminaries have closed over the last 40 or so years? Or what has caused a decrease of priestly and religious vocations in the Church? Maybe you have even asked why so many Catholics today misunderstand the Church's doctrinal and moral teachings? Or why so few attend Mass?

The cause of these tragic situations all have a common root: the post-conciliar crisis that has been afflicting the Catholic Church in the wake of the Second Vatican Council. The Council was supposed to have ushered a "new springtime" and immense harvest into the Church, but this expectation was supplanted by bitter fruit, confusion and apostasy.

This grave state of affairs in the post-conciliar Church has even been lamented by these popes:

  • Paul VI on June 29, 1972:“Through some crack, the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God.”
  • Benedict XVI on January 27, 2012: “We are facing a profound crisis of faith, a loss of the religious sense that constitutes the greatest challenge to the Church today.”

The ravages of Modernist errors upon Catholics have been tragic and profound, leading to confusion about the most basic tenets of the Faith, and thus what is good and what is evil. In turn, this doctrinal confusion leads to moral confusion—as was recently witnessed during the recent scandalous Synod of the Family.

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