The History of the SSPX: Episode 5.2

March 03, 2015
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In this second video about the "History of the SSPX" we continue from the first part which ended with the Apostolic Visitation of 1974 and Archbishop Lefebvre's subsequent Declaration.

The video discusses the controversial events that followed including the SSPX's illegal suppression in 1975, the supposed suspension of Archbishop Lefebvre, and finally the 1988 Episcopal Consecrations that resulted in an invalid declaration of excommunication.

Despite all of these difficulties, the SSPX nevertheless continued to flourish and grow throughout the world and on every continent. In 2007, due to the Society's uncompromising fidelity to the Mass of All Time, Pope Benedict XVI issued Summorum Pontificum which affirmed that the traditional Roman Mass had never been abrogated. Later in 2009, the same pope also lifted the "excommunications" issued against the SSPX's bishops.

Today the priestly society has 6 growing seminaries, over 600 priests, hundreds of male and female religious, and nearly a half-million faithful attached to its apostolic work.

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