A great disservice to the faithful

A layman responds to an anonymous e-mail he received from a member of the so-called Resistance.

This e-mail exchange was first published on February 21, 2013.

A great disservice to the faithful: a Resistance-created crisis

They call themselves the "Resistance Movement" and claim they are the ones remaining loyal and faithful to Archbishop Lefebvre's "true mission"—thus they are the "authentic" Society of St. Pius X.

And because they assert that the SSPX's leaders are secretly preparing to sell out the priests and faithful to Modernist Rome, they also claim that the clerics recently expelled from the Society were warranted in their public disobedience.

As Fr. Rostand (USA District Superior) pointed out during his recent Angelus Press interview, this example is similar to that of March 1983, when Archbishop Lefebvre expelled "The Nine" American priests—who accused His Excellency of selling out.

Continuing this unfortunate, present-day saga, a layman who attends the SSPX's chapel in Post Falls, Idaho, just answered an e-mail invitation to attend some locally-held Resistance activities. Mr. Beam's charitable response is direct and insightful and we thank him for allowing us to publish it.

The invitation

Dear Fellow Catholics,

You may have already heard some of the details, but I wanted to make sure you had the full info and formally invite you to come hear H.E. Bishop Williamson give a Conference...

I know many people have expressed very different and impassioned views on recent events in our beloved Society of Saint Pius X and there is a lot of concern and confusion in general. I hope that will not prevent you from coming, as His Excellency will be covering a variety of issues and spiritual topics... It is a rare and spiritually precious opportunity to be able to attend a Bishop’s Mass and hear a Bishop speak...

I hope and pray to see you all there...

In Christ & Mary,

[no name]

The reply

From: Matthew Beam

Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2013

To: Good Success

Subject: Re: Bishop Williamson's visit

Dear ?

Your email extends a personal and formal invitation to me. Your email refers to "I wanted", "I know" "I hope"... but no "I" signed the email.

Would you be kind enough to send me an email with your signature?

I have very little respect or use for the anonymous approach... and would be grateful if you were both courteous and courageous enough to let me know who you are.

I will not be attending since the battle field which has been portrayed by H.E. Bishop Williamson and the attending priests does not presently exist and therefore their battle cry and offering themselves as the only alternative is just part of a created crisis.

The Society is not presently teaching heresy, our sermons (contrary to the trumped up charges of some) have not morphed into some kind of marriage with the Novus Ordo... our children are not in danger of NOT receiving Confirmation from a Bishop, our seminarians are not in danger of NOT being ordained... and so H.E. and the attendant priests must create a following by creating a reason...be it mythical or real.

While I agree the opportunity to attend a Bishop's Mass is a rare grace these days... one cloaked in disobedience and misrepresentation must surely somehow compromise those graces.

It is a great tragedy to see H.E. and attending priests reduce their vocations from an apostolate to a livelihood.

Without denying the good which they have been instrumental for in the past... these priests have, even in the best days of the Society, always been a bit of "loose cannons". I just fear that as time progresses amongst their own company how long will it be before those loose cannons begin turning in on themselves?

They do a great disservice to the faithful, since as you rightly mention in your email, there has been a great deal of confusion... this confusion is being nurtured and cultivated by themselves... for how else can they provide for the daily bread and butter if not by "winning" over souls and collections.

I pray daily to Archbishop Lefebvre for all the members and past members of the Society.

There is no denying that these times are confusing and that one must work out one's salvation in both fear and trembling.

However, please don't confuse engulfing yourself in the mantle of Our Lady with simply hiding behind her cloak... as you have done in this email. You seem to wish to proclaim yourself devoted to Our Lady and yet are afraid to be named.

Ever in union of prayers,

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Matthew Beam