We support the Catholic family!

We support and defend Catholic families: children are the hope and future of the Church!

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Dear friends, fellow Catholics, and people of good will,

Welcome to the website of the Society of St. Pius X, a Catholic organization dedicated to the perennial teachings of the Catholic Church.

In these days where the family is attacked on all fronts, we wish to emphasize and defend marriage, support those heroic souls who are raising children today, and present what the Church and reason have always upheld. We hope you find here resources for study and learning, as well as encouragement.

May Our Lady grant all of you the graces to imitate the Holy Family!

Fr. Jurgen Wegner
USA District Superior

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Words of encouragement from Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

Christian families, you represent the Church, be convinced of it. Your families contain a wellspring of supernatural faith, of graces, of blessings of God, which is absolutely evident. So it is a great hope; I would even say it is the only hope; I see no other.

It is therefore you, dear Christian parents, who are truly the wellspring of the Church, and we congratulate you. Continue, for pity's sake, continue. Take it to heart to give your children the profoundly Christian formation which you yourselves received. (Confirmation sermon given at Econe on May 26, 1985)

Let it be as well a crusade for Christian families. You Christian families who are here, consecrate yourselves to the Heart of Jesus, to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Oh, pray together in the family! I know that many of those among you already do so, but may there always be more and more of you who do so with fervor. Let Our Lord truly reign in your homes!

Cast away, I beg of you, anything which impedes children from entering your family. There is no greater gift that the Good God can bestow upon your hearths than to have many children. Have big families. it is the glory of the Catholic Church—the large family!

...everywhere the large family was the joy and prosperity of the Church. There are that many more chosen souls for heaven! Therefore do not limit, I beg you, the gifts of God; do not listen to these abominable slogans which destroy the family, which ruin health, which ruin the household, and provoke divorce. (60th Priestly Jubilee Sermon given at Paris on September 23, 1979)