District Office Services

A spirit of service

All the administrative tasks required for the good management of the District are performed with great dedication by our different departments.


Secretarial, mailings, publications, general information, public relations and website content
Fr. Scott Gardner, James Vogel, Kathy Rydholm
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Accounting/Finance & Project Management

Bursar, accounting, construction and remodeling, acquisition of buildings
Fr. Scott Gardner, Denise Cummings, Dianna Uphoff, Blake Christensen, Dan Shepherd

Legal Department

Legal issues, contracts, trials, advice and research
Fr. Scott Gardner, Ginny Shepherd


Fundraising, donors, and legacies
Christopher Joliat

Tech Support

Servers and computers, database, portal, website, emails, network
Br. Gabriel


Housekeeping and guests, kitchen, vehicles and chauffeur, groundskeeping
Br. Rene, Dan Shepherd, Joe Rausch, Patricia Ross

Maintenance at Regina Coeli House: Joe Rausch, Dan Shepherd, Patricia Ross & Br. Rene.