Brother Gabriel, Information Technology

The District Office would not operate efficiently if it were not for the computers and systems that the staff at the Regina Coeli House rely on to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Technology plays a major role in all of our lives, and Br. Gabriel's primary duty is to ensure that the district's information technology systems are working as designed, and to troubleshoot and resolve any technical issues quickly.

He also developed and implemented the district’s in-house portal, a handy resource that has contact information for individual priests, general announcements, and links to airline reservation sites.

When not writing code or testing new programs, Br. Gabriel runs the Eucharistic Crusade program and the Prayer Crusade for Priests program.

Br. Gabriel made his perpetual vows as SSPX Brother in 2011. After graduating in Arts, he decided to give his life to God. He spent his Noviciate time in El Paso, TX where he was stationed after his first vows.

In his freetime, if he does not pet the cats, he his hunting mushrooms.