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Who is Archbishop Lefebvre?

SSPX: who are we and what do we do?

Is the SSPX in union with Rome?

Does SSPX follow Pope Francis?

What's going on with SSPX & Rome?

Can I attend an SSPX Mass?

Does Vatican II have errors?

New Mass: what's wrong with it?

Are motu proprio Masses okay?

Is the SSPX compromising Tradition?


Angelus Press

40 years of the SSPX (Angelus Press 2010 conference)


The SSPX and annulments

Archbishop Lefebvre

Who was Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre? (SSPX FAQ 2)

Wasn't Archbishop Lefebvre suspended from performing all sacred functions? (SSPX FAQ 4)

Interpreting the words of Archbishop Lefebvre: A few sensible rules

Archbishop Lefebvre preparing the Council (1959-1962)

1979 Jubilee Sermon of Archbishop Lefebvre

10th anniversary of the passing of Archbishop Lefebvre (Apr 2001 District Superior's letter)

Centenary of the birth of Archbishop Lefebvre (Superior General's letter #68)

Collection of tributes to a Catholic bishop

20th anniversary of the death of Archbishop Lefebvre (Pastor's Corner)

Archbishop Lefebvre documentary film update

Padre Pio and Archbishop Lefebvre

Books: Archbishop Lefebvre (Angelus Press) >

Assisi (interreligious prayer meetings)

1986 declaration against Assisi 1 (Archbishop Lefebvre & Bishop de Castro Mayer)

Archbishop Lefebvre's 1986 letter to 8 cardinals on Assisi affair

Assisi 1986–2011: reform in continuity

Renewing the Assisi scandal

Bishop Fellay's 2002 press release on Assisi 2 (extracts)

Press release on Assisi 2

Assisi 2, syncretism, the new Ten Commandments and the New World Religion (District Superior's Apr 2002 letter)

Assisi 2 and secular humanism (District Superior's Mar 2002 letter)

What should we make of Assisi 1 and 2 ?

We will not pray together in Assisi

The Assisi meeting, seen from Mecca

Italian Catholic intellectuals beg Benedict XVI to “Flee the spirit of Assisi”

Background to Assisi 3

Bishop Fellay's first comments on Assisi 3



Can Paul VI be beatified? (Archbishop Lefebvre's assessment)

Reservations on impending beatification of Pope John Paul II (Remnant)

About beatification of Pope John Paul II

A happy devil's advocate looks at beatification process of Pope Paul VI

Beatification and continuity (Pastor's Corner)

Commentary on Benedict XVI’s homily for beatification of Pope John Paul II

Restoring or opening up? (Pastor's Corner)

A retrospective critique of John Paul II's pontificate

BOOK: Pope John Paul II: Doubts About a Beatification

About the upcoming beatification of Pope John Paul II (Superior General's letter #78)

Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer

Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer (bio on "Lion of Campos")

Bishop Salvador Lazo

Bishop Lazo's last will and the warrior's funeral

Death of Bishop Lazo (Superior General's letter #58)


Campos Accordance (Society of St. John Mary Vianney)

The situation in Campos (Bishop Fellay 2002 conference)

The lesson of Campos

Open letter to Campos priests


On the canonizations of Pope John Paul II

Pope John XXIII: a critical judgment

Capital punishment

Capital punishment: a Catholic perspective

Celibacy (clerical)

The controversy over celibacy for deacons

Christendom / Christ the King

Christ the King has truly been unthroned through ecumenism (Bishop de Galarreta's 2011 sermon)

Christendom and Revolution

Multiculturalism: "diversity" for the culturally clueless

Church crisis (post-conciliar)

1983 Long Island, NY Conference of Archbishop Lefebvre

1984 joint letter to Pope John Paul II (Archbishop Lefebvre & Bishop de Castro Mayer)

The Church, priesthood and 1984 Indult

1986 Atlanta, GA interview of Archbishop Lefebvre

Bishop Lazo's 1998 open letter to Pope John Paul II

Will Pope Francis be able to rebuild the Church?

Reforming the crisis: Roberto de Mattei observes

Fr. Gaudron responds to Msgr. Bux on Archbishop Muller

Some notes on the resolution of the crisis in the Church

In the face of heresy: St. Basil's "economy of silence"

An initial evaluation: interview of Fr. Davide Pagliarani (Italian District Superior)

VIDEO: Cardinal Burke's interview (with SSPX commentary)

Msgr. Pozzo in the news (commentary Nouvelles de France interview)

Crisis Exemplar: Fr. Michael Pfleger

Light of the World...a follow up (Vatican clarification)

Light…and shadows in Light of the World (Fr. Gaudron commentary)

Two key points for the Church's recovery

How are Catholic to respond to the present crisis in the Church?

Post-conciliar Church: is it a new religion?

Catholic Charismatic Renewal

What Catholics need to know: the conference (Bishop Fellay)

Problems, causes, remedies

Roman Protestants

Off center

We are at a pivotal point for the future reconstruction (2010 Bishop Fellay interview)

Catholic Faith or the triumph of the will?

“We want only one thing: to attack the real problem in the present crisis..." (Bishop Fellay 2011 sermon)


Collegiality (Fr. Wrighton)


Communion on the tongue unsanitary?

VIDEO: Cardinal Burke on Communion in the hand


Burial or cremation?


Discussions (between SSPX & Rome)

Update: the Vatican and SSPX: state of the union? (Fr. Schmidberger 2001 conference)

Bishop Fellay’s response to Cardinal Levada being studied in Rome

Vatican communiqué about SSPX's reply to Doctrinal Preamble

Cardinal Castrillon's ultimatum (Superior General's Letter #73)

About media comments (SSPX press release)

Albano 2011 meeting for SSPX's superiors (SSPX press release)

About the Doctrinal Preamble (Fr. Pfluger 2011 interview)

Meeting with Cardinal Levada (Bishop Fellay 2011 interview)

CDF and SSPX meeting on Sept 14, 2011 (Holy See press release)

Doctrinal talks between SSPX and Holy See (SSPX note)

SSPX's members of Roman theological commission (SSPX press release)

SSPX talks with Rome (Bishop de Galerreta interview)

Concerning Aug 29, 2005 meeting with Pope Benedict XVI (Bishop Fellay 2005 interview)

The eyes of Faith and Bishop Fellay's letter to Cardinal Hoyos

Rome's recent maneuverings with the SSPX (Superior General's letter #62)

Rome, SSPX, Campos, Assisi, etc. (Bishop Fellay 2002 conference)

Rome's solution and the Society's position

A summary of events and thoughts before dicussions of SSPX with Rome (Bishop Fellay 2001 statement)

SSPX-Rome talks (Fr. Schmidberger 2012 inteview)  [VIDEO]

Where do we stand in Rome? (Bishop Fellay 2012 sermon)

"We are back at square one" (Fr. Pfluger 2012 interview)

The useful lesson from the recent trial (Bishop de Galarreta conference)

2012 SSPX General Chapter statement

The joy of clarity: Remnant commentary on 2012 General Chapter's Declaration

Dissenters (against SSPX)

Reassuring words from Archbishop Lefebvre

False news and dangers of modern means of communication (Superior General's letter #60)

Various Churches?

The SSPX falsely accused: "Resistance to what?"

An open answer to Bishop Williamson by Fr. Laisney

Liberal anti-liberals

Wrong or right? Conditions for the SSPX's future

A disservice to the faithful: the Resistance-caused crisis

Expulsion of Fr. Chazal and Fr. Pfeiffer from SSPX (announcement from Fr. Couture, Asia District Superior)

Concerning leaked private letters of the SSPX's bishops (District Superior's special Mar 2012 letter)

Attacks against SSPX, rumors and false accusations (District Superior's Sept 2012 letter)

Rumors about relations with Rome (District Superior's May 2012 letter)

Threats of the Internet: cyber-gossip (District Superior's Nov-Dec 2012 letter)


Ecclesia Dei Commission

The effectiveness of Ecclesia Dei (Superior General's letter #57)

Ecclesia Dei and the Fraternity of St. Peter (Bishop Fellay's 2002 conference)

Ecclesiae Unitatem: commentary on motu proprio placing Ecclesia Dei Commission under CDF


What is ecumenism?

VIDEO: Why is Ecumenism wrong? (Bishop Fellay's 2010 conference)

Letter sent to cardinals against silent apostasy (Bishop Fellay 2004 interview)

Mortalium Animos (Pius XI's 1928 encyclical against false ecumenism)

Lamentabili Sane (St. Pius X's Syllabus of Errors)

Mirari Vos (Gregory XVI against liberalism and religious indifferentism)

Archbishop Lefebvre's June 1988 statement against false ecumenism

1983 Episcopal Manifesto to Pope John Paul II (Archbishop Lefebvre & Bishop de Castro Mayer)

Judaism and the Church: before and after Vatican II

The double-standard of ecumenism: Traditionalists not welcome

On the Joint Declaration with Lutherans (District Superior's Oct 1998 letter)

The enemy of false ecumenism (Bishop Fellay 1996 sermon)

Doctrinal mutism is not answer to “silent apostasy”

Episcopal Consecrations (1988)

1988 Episcopal Consecrations sermon of Archbishop Lefebvre

One Year After the Consecrations

Two Years After the Consecrations

1988 Episcopal Consecrations:

A canonical study of 1988 Episcopal Consecrations (Fr. Kaschwesky)

Excommunications (1988 Episcopal Consecrations for SSPX)

Wasn't Archbishop Lefebvre excommunicated for consecrating bishops unlawfully? (SSPX FAQ 11)

1988 Episcopal Consecrations sermon of Archbishop Lefebvre

SSPX superiors' June 1988 letter to Pope John Paul II contesting excommunications

Pope Benedict XVI's letter to SSPX bishops on remission of excommunications (Vatican)

Bishop Fellay on withdrawal of 1988 excommunications



Regarding rumor of Sister Lucy's message of Oct 7 (Bishop Fellay statement)

Bishop Fellay's remarks on the recent release of the Third Secret of Fatima

Regarding the Act Entrustment to Mary Most Holy made by Pope John Paul II


3 errors of Feeneyites

Fr. Feeney and Catholic doctrine

Errors of Feeneyites on baptism (District Superior's May 2001 letter)

The 3 baptisms

Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP)

What are we to think of the Fraternity of St. Peter (SSPX FAQ 13)

Is St. Peter's the line of Archbishop Lefebvre?

Sancte Petre...Quo vadis?

FSSP fiasco of 2000

Regarding the FSSP's fiasco (District Superior's Aug 2000 letter)

FSSP and the Ecclesia Dei Commission (Bishop Fellay's 2002 conference)

Is St. Peter's on the way to Assisi?



Hawaii Six

The Hawaii Six: in memoriam


Indult Mass (1984 - Quattuor abhinc annos)

May we attend the Indult Mass? (SSPX FAQ 10a)

The Tridentine Indult (Archbishop Lefebvre conference)

The Indult Mass: should one attend it at all?

Why does Rome refuse the Tridentine Mass? (Superior General's letter #61)


Defense of the Inquisition

Institute of the Good Shepherd

Case of expelled SSPX priest, Fr. Philippe Laguerie (2004)


St. Joseph (Foster Father of Christ, Protector of Universal Church)

SSPX will be consecrated to St. Joseph (Bishop Fellay)





“Magisterium or living tradition?” A false dilemma denounced (Fr. Gleize)


Okaying mixed marriages

Mass (traditional Roman Mass)

Quo Primum

Archbishop Lefebvre was right! (about rights of Tridentine Mass)

Archbishop Lefebvre: why the SSPX uses the 1962 missal

Archbishop Lefebvre: only when the Faith is in question

My return to the traditional Latin Mass (Bishop Lazo autobiography)

The legitimacy of Quo Primum today

Free the Mass and and the face of the earth shall be renewed

Comments on the new Good Friday Prayer for the Jews

The theology and spirituality of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Priests' thoughts: meditations on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Attendance at Mass and participation in the liturgy


Brain death and organ harvesting

The immorality of embryonic stem cell research

Promotheus' gift: the morality of genetic engineering

Religious and moral aspects of pain prevention in medical practice

Life: the ensoulment of matter

To live and let die: some questions on the moral limits of medical treatment

The Catholic view of life; Kevorkian, the Jack of Death

Rhythm: the unhappy compromise

Marital love and fidelity

Light of the World...a follow up (official Vatican clarification)


Note on remarks of Pope Benedict XVI concerning condom use


New Catechism (1992)

What are we to think of the new Catechism of the Catholic Church? (SSPX FAQ 14)

The New Catechism: Is it Catholic?

New Code of Canon Law (1983)

Shouldn't we accept the 1983 Code of Canon Law? (SSPX FAQ 8)

New laws for a new ecumenism

Archbishop Lefebvre on the New Code of Canon Law

The validity of confessions & marriages in SSPX chapels

New Mass (Novus Ordo Missae)

What is wrong with the Novus Ordo Missae (SSPX FAQ 5)?

A brief critical study of the Novus Ordo Missae (Ottaviani Intervention)

The theology and spirituality of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

The Problem of the Liturgical Reform: the book sent to the pope

What Archbishop Lefebvre said about the New the beginning

Bishop de Castro Mayer's 1969 letter to Pope Paul VI on New Mass

The corruption of the Mass (Superior General's letter #54)

What Bishop Fellay really said to Cardinal Canizares about the New Mass

30 years of the Novus Ordo Missae (Superior General's letter #56)

The new rubrics for the Novus Ordo (District Superior's Sept 2000 letter)

Does the New Mass fulfill the notion of Catholic liturgy?

Is the New Mass legit?

What reconciliation? Pastor's Corner

The new rubrics for the Novus Ordo (District Superior's Sept 2000 letter)

30 years of the Novus Ordo Missae

The corruption of the Mass



Can obedience oblige us to disobey? (Archbishop Lefebvre)

Opus Dei

Opus Dei: a strange pastoral phenomenon


Padre Pio

Padre Pio: on spirituality, Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Missae

Padre Pio and Archbishop Lefebvre

Pope / Papacy

But shouldn't we follow the pope? (SSPX FAQ 7)

Pray much for the Holy Father

Clear ideas on the pope's infallible magisterium

Can obedience oblige us to disobey?

Concerning the indefectibility of the Church (District Superior's Jan 2001 letter)

The papal tiara

Novena prayers for the election of the Sovereign Pontiff

Pope Benedict XVI

Concerning the Aug 29, 2005 meeting with Pope Benedict XVI (Bishop Fellay interview)

The enlightenment pope? Notes on the recent book by Benedict XVI

SSPX communiqué by Bishop Fellay on Pope Benedict XVI's election

Concerning the Aug 29, 2005 meeting with Pope Benedict XVI (Bishop Fellay interview)

Resignation of the papal office

Pope Benedict XVI's resignation (SSPX press release)

Pope Benedict's last major act? (Bishop Fellay interview)

Pope Francis

SSPX: may Pope Francis "confirm his brethren in the Faith"

Pope John Paul II

SSPX communiqué by Bishop Fellay on the death of Pope John Paul II

Bishop Fellay's introduction to Pope John Paul II for the book, The Problem of the LIturgical Reform

Post-conciliar Church

Cardinal says post-conciliar Church is historically and theologically illegitimate!


Epiphany sermon of Archbishop Lefebvre (1972)

Sermon for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (1972)

Book: Master of the Priesthood: The Spirituality of Marcel Lefebvre

Book: Priestly Holiness (Archbishop Lefebvre)

Role of the Priestly SSPX in the heart of the Church (Archbishop Lefebvre 1981 conference)

SSPX's defense of faith contrasts Church's teaching on priesthood (Bishop de Galarreta sermon)

A priest must be a man of faith (Bishop Fellay's 2013 sermon)

The priests who disliked Mass (Fr. Bryan Houghton)


Catholic principles

In the face of heresy: St. Basil's "economy of silence"



Religious liberty

“Our First, Most Cherished Liberty”: a problematic document


Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary

Message from Bishop Fellay announcing the Rosary Crusade

Another Rosary Crusade: 2009-2010; Superior General's letter #74

Launching a new 12-million rosary crusade (Superior General's letter #78)



The validity of holy orders (accusations against Archbishop Lefebvre)

The validity of the new rite of episcopal consecrations

Validity is not enough (concerning questionable clergy)

Do traditional priests have jurisdiction? (SSPX FAQ 9)

The validity of confessions and marriages in SSPX chapels

Rome approves (marriages in SSPX's chapels are valid)

Ought priests of the Conciliar Church to be "re-ordained" when they come to Tradition?

The Catholic Church will never violate the seal of confession (Pastor's Corner)


Galileo: victim or villain?

The devolution of evolution

Is smoking marijuana a sin? What about taking drugs?

Geocentrism (SSPX press release)

Brain death and organ harvesting

Morning-after pill is an abortifacient

The immorality of embryonic stem cell research

Religious and moral aspects of pain prevention in medical practice


What are we to think of sedevacantists? (SSPX FAQ 15)

A little catechism on sedevacantism

Is sedevacantism Catholic?

Concerning a sedevacantist thesis

Is a sedevacantist to be considered a non-Catholic?

Do sedevacantists really love the Church?

On rumors and their source

Society of St. Pius X

What is the Society of St. Pius X? (SSPX FAQ 1)

Wasn't the Society of St. Pius X lawfully suppressed? (SSPX FAQ 3)

Isn't the Society of St. Pius X schismatic? (SSPX FAQ 12)

1974 declaration of Archbishop Lefebvre

20 years of struggle (1986 conference by Archbishop Lefebvre)

Archbishop Lefebvre and the "Hot Summer of 1976" (Christendom issue #5)

The double-standard of ecumenism: traditionalists not welcome

SSPX: keeping to the course set by Archbishop Lefebvre (District Superior's Feb 2006 letter)

February 2006 District Superior's letter

Declaration of 2006 (Third) General Chapter

2006 (Third) General Election results

SSPX update (Bishop Fellay 2002 conference)

Rome, SSPX, Campos, Assisi, etc. (Bishop Fellay 2002 conference)

Various answers about SSPX & Church (Fr. Pfluger 2010 interview)

Excommunications, theological discussions, SSPX's canonical status & formation of seminarians (Bishop de Galerreta 2009 interview)

Is the SSPX heretical?

How it works: the SSPX's General Chapter

2012 SSPX General Chapter update (SSPX communiqué)

Conclusion of 2012 SSPX General Chapter (SSPX communiqué)

2012 SSPX General Chapter concluding statement

Bishop Williamson's Brazilian visit (communiqué of Fr. Bouchacourt, South America District Superior)

Communiqué concerning Bishop Williamson

A profound injustice (treatment of SSPX)

2012 statistics of the SSPX

Bishop Fellay's comment "enemies of the Church" (SSPX press release)

Summorum Pontificum (motu proprio)

Can we attend the Masses offered under the provisions of Summorum Pontificum? (SSPX FAQ 10)

The pending motu proprio on the Mass and Catholic Tradition

Motu proprio: a pre-condition fulfilled (Superior General's letter #73)

Summorum Pontificum: an English translation

Pope Benedict XVI's letter to world's bishops that accompanied Summorum Pontificum

Regarding motu proprio on liberalizing traditional Roman Mass (SSPX press release)

Importance of motu proprio that finally liberalized Roman Mass (Bishop Fellay)

Summorum Pontificum: the positive and negative aspects of the motu proprio

The restoration of the traditional Mass is thanks to Archbishop Lefebvre (Christendom #12)

Archbishop Lefebvre was right!

The effects of the motu proprio (Superior General's letter #71)

The motu proprio is not enough (Superior General's letter #72)

Supplied jurisdiction

Do traditional priests have jurisdiction? (SSPX FAQ 9)

Supplied jurisdiction and traditional priests

The state of necessity

The validity of confessions and marriages in SSPX chapels

Rome approves (marriages in SSPX's chapels are valid)

Suppression of SSPX

Wasn't the SSPX lawfully suppressed?

Weren't all SSPX priests suspended with Archbishop Lefebvre? (SSPX FAQ 4)


Theological Commission (SSPX-Rome: 2009-2011)

Doctrinal talks between SSPX and Holy See: a media clarification

Concerning forthcoming theological discussions (Bishop de Galerreta 2009 interview)

Opening of doctrinal discussions between Rome and SSPX

About start of theological discussions between the SSPX & Rome (Ecclesia Dei Commission press release)

SSPX's members of the theological commission (SSPX press release)

Doctrinal talks between SSPX and Holy See (DICI note)

About Dec 19, 2009 Roman Commission meeting (Bishop de Galarreta's comments)

"To bear witness to the Faith is a great grace" (Bishop Fellay 2010 conference)

Second theological meeting between Roman experts and SSPX on January 18 (Vatican press release)

Fr. Schmidberger speaks about the meetings with Rome

Is the SSPX being muzzled (because of theological discussion)?

"We are simply going to bear witness to the faith, defend it, do the good we can" (Bishop de Galarreta 2009 sermon)

About the doctrinal discussion between the SSPX and Rome (54 answers from Bishop Fellay)

An initial evaluation (interview of Fr. Pagliarani, Italian District Superior)


True Notion of Tradition

The growth and fruits of Catholic Tradition (Superior General's letter #61)

"The Treasure of the Church must once again belong to everyone!"


Universae Ecclesiae (apostolic instruction)

SSPX commentary on the instruction about the traditional Mass, Universae Ecclesiae


Vatican II

What are Catholics to think of Vatican II? (SSPX FAQ 6)

Archbishop Lefebvre Preparing the Council (1959-1962)

Reply of Archbishop Lefebvre to Cardinal Ottaviani after the Council (1966)

Two interpretations of Vatican II: myth or reality?

Is recognizing the SSPX questioning the Council?

50-year assessment of Vatican II

"Not all of Vatican II is binding": analyzing Cardinal Brandmuller's comments

Gherardini agrees with SSPX in new book about Vatican II

Is recognizing the SSPX questioning the Council?

SSPX answers Roman expert about Vatican II's magisterial value

Msgr. Gherardini: Vatican II is not a super-dogma

Where is the continuity of the Council? (Bishop Fellay sermon)

Debate about Vatican II: Fr. Gleize responds to Msgr. Ocariz

Misplaced conciliar optimism

Can we commemorate the Council?

Washington Post: SSPX has solution to Vatican II debacle!

The Second Vatican Council: A History Never Written

The Synod on the New Evangelization in the Spirit of Vatican II

Vatican II: a "stupefying superficiality" of Magisterium

The Second Ecumenical Vatican Council: a Debate That Has Not Taken Place, by Msgr. Gherardini

A debate on Vatican II between Romano Amerio, Msgr. Gherardini and Msgr. Pozzo


Catholic principles for voting



Humanistic Pacificism

Just war: Catholic doctrine and some modern problems

Might is not right: why "preventive war" is immoral