Anti-Semitism is not Catholic

The Catholic Church has always condemned anti-Semitism.

The Priestly Society of St. Pius X completely rejects the false claim that it teaches or practices anti-Semitism, which is a racial hatred of the Jewish people because of their ethnicity, culture or religious beliefs.

The SSPX has always embraced the principle of Christian charity, founded in Christ’s command to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” Similarly, the Catholic Church throughout the ages has always condemned anti-Semitism, being properly understood as a racial hatred of the Jewish people.

Today, accusations of anti-Semitism are also falsely and unjustly levied against those who disagree with Jewish beliefs or anti-Christian positions.

The Catholic Church teaches its members to pray that the Jewish people will recognize Jesus Christ as the Messiah and convert to the Catholic Faith for their salvation. This perennial teaching of the Church is motivated by supernatural charity, not hatred.  The Catholic Church desires the happiness of all people both in this life and the next.

The Society of St. Pius X has always recognized and followed these teachings and does not allow any of its members to contradict them.