About our schools

It is only by integrating all studies with the knowledge and practice of the Faith that we can create a well-formed Catholic person.

The Society of St. Pius X currently operates 27 primary and secondary schools, along with one junior college in the United States District. Our curriculum standards and principles are applied uniformly throughout the district and are constantly being monitored and improved. However, each school remains autonomous in the application of the standards.

The district also organizes teachers' seminars that focus on a variety of topics, each one designed to improve the quality of education in every school. At these seminars, teachers learn best practices, network with other teachers, and learn theoretical (different teaching methods) and practical information (such as lesson planning).

The object of our teaching program


  1. To promote a truly Catholic concept of the importance of the teaching vocation, and to inspire others, by example and by word, to desire to enter into the teaching profession.
  2. To encourage traditional Catholic educators to understand their mission as a profoundly supernatural one, as an extension and participation in the role of the priest to form Christ in souls.
  3. To inspire and assist traditional Catholic educators to make a consistent effort to improve their curriculum and teaching methods, especially in the core areas for a liberal arts education.
  4. To assist teachers and educators in their mission of Catholic education by providing them with resources (books, articles, tapes, etc).
  5. To integrate all studies with the knowledge and practice of the Faith, to overcome the modern dichotomy between secular and religious studies, and promote the Social Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
  6. To promote the robust philosophy of the Angelic Doctor, St. Thomas Aquinas and the well proven and tried educational methods of the Catholic Church.
  7. To form bonds of friendship amongst traditional Catholic educators, to help them in overcoming the obstacles to Catholic education, especially indifference, laziness, disinterest and worldly preoccupations.

Mission statement of Catholic educators

As traditional Catholic educators, we are thoroughly committed to Catholic education and to giving our students that which will contribute to forming their whole being to the supernatural life. Our desire is to help one another to educate the whole person of the student in order that he may be submitted to the reign of Jesus Christ in the spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical spheres.