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Articles about and for the Visitors

SSPX Marriages are Incontestable

Tags: faithful, family, visitors, liturgy, District of the USA, canon law, sacraments, holy see

In light of last week's news from Rome regarding the SSPX and our marriages, we here present some initial reflections on what it means for us practically, the state of necessity, and the future.

Kenya: Holy Cross Academy - Building Goes Ahead

Tags: faithful, visitors, District of the USA, education

Since its foundation in 2013, with 20 pupils, the Holy Cross Academy has never ceased growing, finishing up in 2016 with 90 pupils. Today, it counts around 130 pupils.

SSPX Statement about Holy See Letter Concerning Marriages

Tags: priest, Rome, Tradition, faithful,, visitors, sacraments, holy see

Communiqué of the General House about the letter from the Ecclesia Dei Commission concerning marriages of the faithful of the Society of Saint Pius X (April 4, 2017)

RIP: John Vennari

Tags: priest, Tradition, faithful, visitors, District of the USA

We present our condolences to the Vennari family and reproduce here the announcement released today. We offer our ardent prayers for our faithful friend and intrepid defender of the Faith as well as for his family. May he rest in peace!

Cardinal Collins Rebukes Canadian PM for “Reproductive Healt

Tags: priest, Worldwide, faithful,, visitors, morals, social doctrine

Cardinal Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, wrote to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau on March 10, 2017, condemning the Liberal government’s decision to allocate $650 million in international aid to support “sexual and reproductive health programs” worldwide.

Parish in U.S. Joins Anglican Ordinariate

Tags: priest, faithful, visitors, liturgy, District of the USA, canon law

A parish in Texas that was founded in 1983 by a group of converts from Anglicanism has now been transferred from the Archdiocese of San Antonio to the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter, effective March 21.

Australian Archbishops Debate Seal of Confession

Tags: priest, Worldwide, vocation,, visitors, sacraments

If approved by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, documentation might be sent to Pope Francis asking him to clarify the questions of the seal of Confession and the civil justice requirements.

Medjugorje: the Case

Tags: priest, faithful, youth, visitors, spirituality, District of the USA, ecumenism

In 1981, six children in Medjugorje claimed not only that Our Lady had appeared to them, but that she was continuing to appear to them on a daily basis. They reported numerous messages. Medjugorje subsequently became a major pilgrimage destination with strong ties to the charismatic movement, despite the condemnation of the local bishop.

Shepherd Children of Fatima Closer to Sainthood

Tags: Worldwide, faithful, family, youth, visitors, spirituality, District of the USA

The cause for the canonization of Francisco and Jacinta Marto, “is making good progress” and there is “a good miracle,” according to Cardinal Angelo Amato, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints.

U.S. Congratulates Pope of Rome on Anniversary of Election

Tags: Worldwide, faithful, visitors, District of the USA, holy see

As Pope Francis completed the fourth year of his pontificate, he received through diplomatic channels a message of congratulations from the United States.