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Articles about and for the Visitors

About a meeting: Pope Francis and Bishop Fellay

Tags: priest, faithful, visitors, District of the USA, holy see, superior general

Here are the facts about a meeting between Pope Francis and Bishop Fellay on December 13, 2013.

Auriesville honors North American Martrys

Tags: faithful, family, youth, visitors, spirituality, District of the USA

It's almost here! The SSPX's annual Auriesville Pilgrimage of Tradition to the Shrine of the North American Martyrs!

Almost a million rosaries from USA!

Tags: family, visitors, spirituality, crisis, District of the USA

A few words on the continued edifying results of the ongoing Rosary Crusade.

Brochure of doubts for canonizing John Paul II

Tags: visitors, spirituality, crisis, District of the USA, modernism, vatican II, holy see

The SSPX is providing a brochure to explain the serious doubts related to the forthcoming canonization of Pope John Paul II.

Discover our district in Africa!

Tags: priest, faithful, visitors, spirituality, education, sacraments, crisis, District of the USA

Lent is almost over, and so too is our Lent for Africa Campaign.

Mary’s battering ram: the rosary

Tags: faithful, visitors, spirituality, social doctrine, crisis, District of the USA, holy see

Is the rosary a supernatural weapon? According to Our Lady it is! Read how the rosary has been used to reform the world for Christ and why the SSPX's Rosary Crusade is so important for our own time.

Meet the Communications Team!

Tags: visitors, crisis, District of the USA, district superior

Read an expose on the Communications Team, and see how the USA District Office works to convey the Catholic Faith to the public.

Do not bless a divorce!

Tags: priest, faithful, family, visitors, morals, District of the USA

Cardinal Carlo Caffara, the cardinal archbishop of Bologna, told an Italian newspaper this weekend that the teaching about marriage comes to the Church from Christ Himself and cannot be changed by anyone, either by a pope or a synod.

Phoenix's cross: "a symbol of progress and hope

Tags: visitors, liturgy, spirituality, sacraments, District of the USA

Amazingly, the new Phoenix church has become a focal point and recognized officially as a valued asset for the local community, as recently witnessed during the raising of the cross ceremony.

Poetic gratitude for Archbishop Lefebvre

Tags: visitors, spirituality, crisis, District of the USA, lefebvre

A "prodigal son's" poetic tribute written about Archbishop Lefebvre, whose defense of the Faith helped this soul to recognize his wayward life, repent of it, and return to a life of grace.