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Life is busy, and setting aside time for the most important realities is essential. The greatest of these realities concerns God and our relations with Him.

Take a few moments to browse the contents of this page and enter the magnificent world of the Catholic Faith. Here you will find answers to many of life’s challenging questions. Most importantly, however, you will draw closer to God, our good Lord and Father.

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Liturgy: 2nd Sunday after Epiphany - The Wedding of Cana

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Almighty God, faithful to His promise to Abraham and his children, sent His Son to save His people; while in His mercy He willed to redeem the heathen as well. 

Weekly Video News Recap: Growth of SSPX, General Chapter, A

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This week we look at the growth of the Society of Saint Pius X, a new study on the integrity of the Society’s founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, and a new video on the Fatima Pilgrim Statue’s journey around the United States.

The SSPX Celebrates 637 Priests and Looks Towards its Genera

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The Society of St. Pius X is a priestly society whose statutes were approved by a decree from the bishop of Fribourg, Bishop François Charrière, on November 1, 1970.

Video Traces Fatima Pilgrim Statue's Journey through Un

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Traveling to over 110 destinations during a two and a half year trip, this Pilgrim Virgin statue has concluded Her journey as of December 8th 2017.

Summer Midwest Retreats Announced for Men and Women

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A 5-day women's and 3-day men's Ignatian Retreat has been scheduled for the Midwest, near St. Louis, MO during this summer.

Liturgy: Feast of the Holy Family - The Hidden Life of Nazar

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“And He went down with them, and came to Nazareth: and was subject to them”

6 New Year’s Resolutions for Catholics That Are Achievable

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2018 will finally be the year of working out, losing weight, and sleeping better, according to just about every article written this time of year.

Space Available for Upcoming Retreats - Make Plans Today for

Tags: priest, faithful, family, youth, theology, District of the USA, spirituality, GER-Seminary

The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius are powerful forces of spiritual renewal, and offer unparalleled opportunities to allow the Holy Ghost to speak to us.

New Article Examines Archbishop Lefebvre's Integrity

Tags: Rome, Tradition, faithful,, lefebvre

Fr. Paul Robinson, a professor at the Society of Saint Pius X’s Holy Cross Seminary, has written a new article on Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and his relationship with the Roman authorities. 

Will Gregorian Chant Soon be the Rule Rather than the Except

Tags: faithful, vocation, liturgy, District of the USA, sacraments, lefebvre, GER-Seminary

In article published this Christmas by Crux, the organic trend towards young Catholics’ attraction to the beauty of Gregorian Chant was optimistically praised.