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Life is busy, and setting aside time for the most important realities is essential. The greatest of these realities concerns God and our relations with Him.

Take a few moments to browse the contents of this page and enter the magnificent world of the Catholic Faith. Here you will find answers to many of life’s challenging questions. Most importantly, however, you will draw closer to God, our good Lord and Father.

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Author of "Realist Guide to Religion and Science"

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Fr. Paul Robinson's book discusses the natural union of science and religion. In it, the Big Bang Theory is proposed as compatible with Church teaching.

Redemptorist Parish Mission: Interview with Fr. Alphonsus Ma

Tags: faithful, vocation, morals, District of the USA, spirituality, GER-Seminary

Fr. Alphonsus Maria, C.SS.R., is a traditional Redemptorist priest affiliated with the Society of Saint Pius X. Since 2000 he has preached retreats and more than 150 Parish Missions across the English-speaking world.

Venerate the Precious Blood, the relics of the 3 Magi, visit

Tags: priest, faithful, family, youth, District of the USA, spirituality, GER-Seminary

A 10-day pilgrimage of shrines in Belgium, Germany & the Netherlands: September 28 - October 7, 2018, accompanied by US District Superior, Fr. Jürgen Wegner.

Senator Richard Durbin Refused Holy Communion until he

Tags: Worldwide, faithful,, morals

Senator Richard Durbin was one of the 14 Catholics to vote against the bill to protect unborn children: he will therefore no longer be admitted to the Sacrament of the Eucharist.


Weekly News Recap: Bp. Fellay Speaks, Canadian Christians At

Tags: Tradition, faithful,, youth

This week we look at a recent conference given by Bishop Bernard Fellay on our current relations with Rome, a new development in Canada that affects Christian business owners, a study on young children’s increasing access to the internet, and a new challenge urging Catholics to reduce the use of technology during Lent.

Take the "Technology Detox Challenge" to Unplug Yo

Tags: faithful, vocation, District of the USA, GER-Seminary

Today’s world is full of distractions. While technology is a tool that can be used for both good or bad, it is often a source of distraction that weakens our personal relationships and scatters our inner peace.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is Crumbling - Is Paid Admissi

Tags: faithful, visitors, District of the USA, crisis, GER-Seminary

With its construction started nearly a millenium ago, France's most famous cathedral has withstood invasions, wars, and revolution. Now weather and grime are its greatest enemies.

Liturgy: Second Sunday in Lent - The Transfiguration

Tags: faithful, family, liturgy, District of the USA, GER-Seminary

The Gospel of the Transfiguration is a lesson on the Mass as well as a figure of the Mass. It teaches us the purpose of our Lenten work.

10 Commandments for Lent: Decrease Dependence on Technology

Tags: faithful, family, youth, morals, philosophy, District of the USA, social doctrine, science, GER-Seminary

It is not an uncommon sight: a couple at dinner, or a family at the park, eyes fixated not on each other's company, but on their devices.

Think Lent is Tough? Take a Look at Medieval Lenten Practice

Tags: priest, faithful, District of the USA, spirituality, social doctrine, GER-Seminary

Today’s Latin Catholics would be well-served to review the norms of early Christians as they prepared for Easter.