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Call of God

Why did God create you? What is He calling you to do? What line of work will fulfill you and truly make you happy? Discerning a vocation is a key step in everyone’s life. Here is some helpful advice concerning the beautiful vocation of the Catholic priesthood.

Articles about and for the Vocation

Beginning of the Academic Year in the SSPX Argentinian Semin

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The goal of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X is “the priesthood and all that has to do with it, and nothing but what has to do with it." This includes everything necessary for the formation of candidates to the priesthood, which is accomplished in international seminaries.

Australian Archbishops Debate Seal of Confession

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If approved by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, documentation might be sent to Pope Francis asking him to clarify the questions of the seal of Confession and the civil justice requirements.

Pope Francis Expresses Openness to Ordaining Married Men

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In a recent interview with a left-leaning German newspaper, Pope Francis said that the possibility of ordaining married men in special cases needs to be considered, but he does not view a change in the celibacy requirement in the Western Church a

The Question of Papal Heresy - Part 5

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Building on the previous 4 parts, we examine whether the Church is officially promulgating heretical teachings through Amoris Laetitia.

38 Receive Cassock on February 2nd

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On the Feast of the purification each year, men who are discerning their vocation receive the cassock: this year 38 men in 3 seminaries.

Bp. Fellay: Clarity Needed to Move Forward

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His Excellency explains that before the SSPX accepts a prelature, clarity from Rome is needed regarding errors of Vatican II.

A True Martyr: St. Theophane Venard

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A summary of the life of a true martyr, beheaded in Tonkin (Vietnam) February 2, 1861.

Quotes of St. Francis de Sales

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Doctor of the Church, patron of writers, and untiring soldier against the Reformation: we review his life and notable quotes.

A Novena for our New Seminarians

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The taking of the cassock and reception of clerical tonsure will take place on Candlemas Day. Please join in a special Novena!

Dispensation from Vows but Not Divorce?

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With the recent phenomenon of "easy" annulment, we investigate the seeming double standard between religious and marital vows.