SSPX for Youth

Full experience for Catholic life

In a world filled with empty attractions, only one thing can truly satisfy us and give us lasting joy: a living faith!

Many young people abandoned the active practice of the Catholic faith in the decades following Vatican II, often to the distress of their parents. A variety of factors prompted this exodus, including the lure of materialism, religious relativism, deficient education, and the sexual revolution. None of these deceptive paths can truly make one happy.

But now many young adults are returning to the Church of Christ and the Catholic faith and are discovering profound spiritual riches, true friendships, and lasting peace and joy.

We encourage you to join us in the full experience of Catholic life!

Articles about and for Youth

Minnesota Veterans' Memorial Removed Due to Satanists

Tags: faithful, family, youth, visitors, theology, morals, District of the USA, social doctrine, crisis, modernism, religious liberty, ecumenism

The impotence of modern civic religion was recently on display in Belle Plaine, MN, when pressure forced the removal of a beloved monument.

Liturgy: Eighth Sunday after Pentecost - Give an Account of

Tags: faithful, family, youth, liturgy, District of the USA

“What shall I do because my Lord taketh away from me the stewardship? To dig I am not able, to beg I am ashamed."

SSPX Pilgrimage to Jesuit Cataldo Shrine, Idaho's Oldes

Tags: faithful, youth, visitors, District of the USA, spirituality

The memories of Frs. DeSmet, Ravalli, Joset, and other Jesuit missionaries live on in the mountains of north Idaho. 

Pastor's Corner: The Words of a Silenced Man Speak Loud

Tags: priest, faithful, family, youth, theology, philosophy, District of the USA, scripture, crisis, modernism, vatican II, holy see

Benedict XVI has clarified that his function is a spiritual one, yet, his every action can have repercussions in this age.

The Missionary Spirit Continues in America through the Work

Tags: faithful, family, youth, vocation, morals, District of the USA, education, sacraments, crisis

In the latest newsletter from the District House, Fr. Wegner appeals for help in continuing the high standards of Catholic Education through our teachers.

Liturgy: Seventh Sunday after Pentecost - Every Good Tree Br

Tags: faithful, youth, liturgy, District of the USA, spirituality

The number which is borne by this Sunday (the seventh after Pentecost), suggests that it is this gift of wisdom that is the object of today's liturgy. 

The Story of Mother Cabrini and Her Shrine, Site of Upcoming

Tags: priest, faithful, youth, vocation, visitors, District of the USA, spirituality

Each year, many faithful make a pilgrimage from St. Isidore Church in Watkins, CO to the Mother Cabrini Shrine in the mountains west of Denver.

Atlanta Celebrates Confirmations and Corpus Christi with Pro

Tags: priest, faithful, youth, liturgy, District of the USA, spirituality, sacraments

38 faithful received the sacrament of Confirmation from Bishop Tissier de Mallerais on the External Solemnity of Corpus Christi. 

Listen to Bishop Fellay's Sermon on 4 Effects of the Ma

Tags: priest, faithful, family, youth, vocation, theology, District of the USA, spirituality, sacraments

Bishop Fellay preached at the first Mass of Fr. Ian Palco, explaining the dignity of the priest and the mystery and value of the Mass. 

The Case of Charlie Gard: Parental Rights Under Attack

Tags: priest, Tradition, faithful, family,, youth, morals, medical, spirituality, social doctrine, canon law, science

A symbolic case for the defense of the life in front of the modern ideology where natural law, positive law, and financial interest are used and abused.