10 Commandments for Lent: Decrease Dependence on Technology

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It is not an uncommon sight: a couple at dinner, or a family at the park, eyes fixated not on each other's company, but on their devices.

Think Lent is Tough? Take a Look at Medieval Lenten Practice

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Today’s Latin Catholics would be well-served to review the norms of early Christians as they prepared for Easter.

Canada Signals Relentless Marginalization of Christians as “

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Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party makes moves to only recognize as members of Canadian society those Christians who sweep their faith under the rug.

Is There a "Death Algorithm" Capable of Predicting

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American researchers have succeeded in giving fairly precise estimates of how long terminally ill patients had left to live.

SSPX Priest Releases New Book: The Realist Guide to Religion

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"When peoples and civilizations, like our own, become irrational, it is usually religion or science that are at fault."

Video Traces Fatima Pilgrim Statue's Journey through Un

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Traveling to over 110 destinations during a two and a half year trip, this Pilgrim Virgin statue has concluded Her journey as of December 8th 2017.

Audio from 2017 Angelus Press Conference on Fatima Available

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Now available - the full CD Set as well as Digital Downloads of the 2017 Angelus Press Conference for Tradition: "Fatima - Our Lady's Answer to Three Revolutions."

A Priest Who Died a Hero at Pearl Harbor Honored by the US N

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Seventy-six years after his heroic death, the Catholic military chaplain on board the USS Oklahoma was honored posthumously by the US Navy for gallantry in action.


The Baker from Colorado Has No Intention of Being Taken to t

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It all started on July 19, 2012: because of his religious convictions, Jack Phillips, an Evangelical baker in Colorado, refused to accept an order from two men about to contract a civil union.

Ohio Legislature Votes to End Abortion of Down Syndrome Babi

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In good news from the Midwest USA, the Ohio legislature has passed bills in both houses to protect unborn babies with this form of mental retardation from elective abortion.