SSPX for Priests

Immense help in the apostolate

The life of a priest, founded upon daily prayer and works of sanctification, must be supplemented with serious reading and study. The Sacred Scriptures and writings of the Fathers should, of course, hold first place; but other materials pertaining to the life of the Church and contemporary social issues can also aid the priest immensely in his apostolate.

We are happy to present here a selection of key texts which we hope will aid priests to sanctify their own souls and those entrusted to their care.

Articles about and for Priests

Massena, NY Academy Celebrates 10 Years

Tags: priest, faithful, youth, vocation, District of the USA, education

Operated by the Dominican Teaching Sisters, the Academy has been the site of the good work of forming girls to live as Catholic women.

Plenary Indulgence For Fatima Centenary

Tags: priest, faithful, family, youth, vocation, District of the USA

An opportunity for all Catholics to gain a plenary indulgence during the 100th Anniversary of the Fatima apparitions has been announced.

Liturgy: Fourth Sunday after Easter

Tags: priest, faithful, family, liturgy, District of the USA

"I go to Him that sent Me; but because I have spoken these things to you, sorrow hath filled your heart, alleluia" - Magnificat Antiphon

Faith and Hollywood: Jim Caviezel

Tags: priest, faithful, family, District of the USA

In a recent interview, Jim Caviezel, star of the 2004 film, The Passion of the Christ, speaks of the planned sequel and his devotion to John Paul II and to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

Fr. Gleize, Author of "Heresy" Series, Interviewed

Tags: priest, faithful, family, philosophy, medical, spirituality, District of the USA, modernism, ecumenism, holy see

Fr. Gleize, seminary professor in the SSPX, recently completed a 9-part series on Papal Heresy (see links to right). We sat with him recently to "debrief" him, and to take a step back from the great thelogical detail presented in his extraordinary work.

Latest from The Angelus: The Middle East

Tags: priest, faithful, family, theology, morals, philosophy, spirituality, District of the USA, social doctrine, religious liberty, ecumenism

The Middle East is newsworthy in circles of politics, finance, intrigue, war, and at its root, religion. The Angelus tackles this broad topic in its latest issue.

The Question of Papal Heresy - Part 6c

Tags: priest, faithful, philosophy, spirituality, District of the USA, modernism, vatican II, holy see

This final section of Part 6 of Fr. Gleize’s precise study of whether or not a heretical pope loses his investiture must be read in the light of the previous sections.

Pope Francis Meets with Coptic Orthodox Leader

Tags: priest, Rome, faithful, theology, philosophy, spirituality, District of the USA, holy see

During a visit to Egypt, Pope Francis and Pope Tawadros II met to sign a Declaration and memorialize 29 Copts who were killed by ISIS bombers last December.

Relics of Padre Pio to Visit America

Tags: priest, faithful, family, theology, liturgy, philosophy, medical, spirituality, District of the USA, sacraments

Relics of the saintly Capuchin friar will be made available to Catholics in the United States throughout the month of May and again in September, 2017.

Newly-Minted Cardinals Praise Pro-Homosexual Book

Tags: priest, faithful, family,, spirituality, social doctrine, scripture

Two cardinals recently created by Pope Francis recommend a book by the controversial author James Martin, S.J., on how the Catholic Church should treat members of the “Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transsexual community”.