SSPX for Priests

Immense help in the apostolate

The life of a priest, founded upon daily prayer and works of sanctification, must be supplemented with serious reading and study. The Sacred Scriptures and writings of the Fathers should, of course, hold first place; but other materials pertaining to the life of the Church and contemporary social issues can also aid the priest immensely in his apostolate.

We are happy to present here a selection of key texts which we hope will aid priests to sanctify their own souls and those entrusted to their care.

Articles about and for Priests

Warmth of the Faith is appealing

Tags: priest, faithful, family, vocation, education, District of the USA

Would you be willing to help a small mission that has contributed many vocations to the SSPX?

Omnia per Immaculatam!—theme of new "Apostle"

Tags: priest, faithful, family, youth, spirituality, education, District of the USA

Learn about the SSPX's activities in Asia and India!—

Prayer is important for every state of life

Tags: priest, faithful, vocation, spirituality, District of the USA

Is interior prayer critical for just religious, or is it necessary for every vocation of life (such as matrimony)?

Where are we with the SSPX?—Abp. Pozzo

Tags: priest, faithful, canon law, holy see, District of the USA

Read what Archbishop Pozzo had to say about the SSPX in Zenit on February 26, 2016.

Ground broken for new school in Albuquerque

Tags: priest, faithful, youth, education, District of the USA

A new SSPX school is being built in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

The lesser of two evils: Pope Francis' interview

Tags: priest, faithful, family, visitors, morals, crisis, holy see, District of the USA

During a 60-minute interview, the pope answered 12 questions posed in English, Spanish, and Italian while on his overnight flight from Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez to Rome.

Pray for our priests at the Priests Meeting

Tags: priest, faithful, spirituality, District of the USA

UPDATED ON 2-18-2016: See the photo gallery of the hockey tournament!

On the occasion of the Priests Meeting, we humbly request your prayers and financial support for our priests in the USA District.

Pope Francis will meet Patriarch Kirill

Tags: priest, faithful, visitors, holy see, District of the USA

In an article in Crux: “Why a meeting between the pope and Russian patriarch is finally happening”, John L. Allen gives an interesting analysis of this coming event. We publish here some extracts of this analysis with commentary.


45 seminarians take the cassock!

Tags: priest, vocation, liturgy, spirituality, District of the USA

Read some news reports and see images of the reception of the cassock ceremonies in the SSPX's seminaries.

Video up of Acies Pro Life Rosary at St. Mary's

Tags: priest, faithful, family, youth, morals, spirituality, social doctrine, District of the USA

We have just published a video on the Pro Life Rosary held in St. Mary's, KS on January 22nd.