SSPX for Priests

Immense help in the apostolate

The life of a priest, founded upon daily prayer and works of sanctification, must be supplemented with serious reading and study. The Sacred Scriptures and writings of the Fathers should, of course, hold first place; but other materials pertaining to the life of the Church and contemporary social issues can also aid the priest immensely in his apostolate.

We are happy to present here a selection of key texts which we hope will aid priests to sanctify their own souls and those entrusted to their care.

Articles about and for Priests

Cardinal Sarah: Church in Danger of Schism Over Morality

Tags: priest, Rome, faithful, family,, morals, spirituality, modernism

Curial Cardinal Robert Sarah warned of a split of unity if national bishops’ conferences can “decide for themselves” on doctrine and morality.

Pascua, FL, Pilgrimage 2017

Tags: priest, faithful, family, youth, vocation, visitors, liturgy, morals, spirituality, District of the USA, social doctrine, sacraments

From April 18-23 dozens of faithful treked the 5th annual Pascua Florida pilgrimage: 6 days, 110 miles through forest, beach and canoe.

Protestants are Robbed of the Catholic Faith

Tags: priest, Rome, faithful,, visitors, spirituality, sacraments, ecumenism

Fr. Alain Lorans's reflects on the Sacrament of Penance whom Protestants have been deprived by Luther's Reform.

“Luther: 500 years later” at the Vatican

Tags: priest, Rome, faithful, District of Asia, ecumenism, holy see

The Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences organized at the Vatican from March 29 to 31, 2017, an international colloquium on the topic: “Luther: 500 years later. A reinterpretation of the Lutheran Reformation in its historical ecclesial context.”

Pastor's Corner: Marriage

Tags: priest, faithful, family, youth, vocation, District of the USA, social doctrine, scripture, sacraments, crisis, modernism

"Therefore now they are not two, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder."

Bishop Fellay's Letter to Friends & Benefactors

Tags: priest, Tradition, faithful, family, youth, theology, District of the USA, modernism, religious liberty

In this latest letter from the Superior General of the SSPX, Bishop Fellay discusses the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.

Recent Numbers from the SSPX

Tags: priest, faithful, vocation, District of the USA, sacraments, district superior, lefebvre

Recent data shows the consistent growth of the SSPX over the years, both in the United States and worldwide.

Spring and Summer Confirmation Dates

Tags: priest, faithful, family, youth, District of the USA, sacraments

Throughout Spring, the bishops of the Society travel extensively, conferring the Gifts of the Holy Ghost

A Father of the Poor: Thomas of Villanueva

Tags: priest, faithful, family, morals, spirituality, District of the USA

St. Thomas of Villanueva: Spanish archbishop, Augustinian friar, renowned preacher and ascetic writer.

The Greatest Slaughter in Human History

Tags: priest, faithful, family, morals, medical, District of the USA, social doctrine, crisis

The Chinese government admitted its population control practices through four decades caused the abortion of 336 million unborn children.