SSPX for Priests

Immense help in the apostolate

The life of a priest, founded upon daily prayer and works of sanctification, must be supplemented with serious reading and study. The Sacred Scriptures and writings of the Fathers should, of course, hold first place; but other materials pertaining to the life of the Church and contemporary social issues can also aid the priest immensely in his apostolate.

We are happy to present here a selection of key texts which we hope will aid priests to sanctify their own souls and those entrusted to their care.

Articles about and for Priests

17 New Cardinals to Be Created

Tags: priest, faithful, visitors, District of the USA, holy see

Pope Francis announced he will hold a consistory on Nov. 19 to create 17 new cardinals.

Practical Advice for Converting Muslims

Tags: priest, District of the USA, spirituality, ecumenism

Fr. Patrice Laroche, SSPX cited some practical advice for bringing Muslims to Christ during his talk at the 2016 Angelus Press Conference. 

Why is St. Therese Patroness of Missions?

Tags: priest, faithful, vocation, District of the USA, spirituality

St. Therese, in her "little way" prayed and sacrificed unceasingly for the missions. We discuss material effects she had in Canada after her death:

SSPX Rosary Crusade Advertised by Diocesan Priests

Tags: priest, faithful, vocation, visitors, District of the USA, spirituality, crisis

We provide some selections from the article:French Diocesan Priests Call Faithful to join SSPX Rosary Crusade:

The Pope Mocked at the Venice Festival

Tags: priest, faithful, youth, vocation, visitors, District of the USA, crisis

A criticism of the TV series The Young Pope presented at the Venice Festival.

Shadows and Light on Mother Teresa

Tags: priest, faithful, visitors, District of the USA, ecumenism

While we recognize what is admirable in Mother Teresa's life, we cannot ignore the grave ecumenical ambiguities that filled her beliefs and work:

Mid-August New Seminary Update

Tags: priest, vocation, District of the USA

The work of the New Seminary in Dillwyn, VA marches on, as finishing, tile, doorways, and last touches on exteriors are underway!

Assignments in US District: 2016-2017

Tags: priest, District of the USA, crisis

Each year, the United States District coordinates a reassignment of many of its priests. Below is information why, and the assignments themselves:

Aug 8: St. John Vianney - Patron of Priests

Tags: priest, faithful, District of the USA

In commemoration of the feast of St. John Mary Vianney on Aug. 8, we share how he is the patron of priests - who need our prayers more than ever

St. Alphonsus Liguori: "Doctor Moralis"

Tags: priest, faithful, vocation, theology, liturgy, District of the USA, spirituality

St. Alphonsus Liguori (Aug 2) is well-known for his devotion to Our Lady; but are you aware of his towering contributions to moral theology?