SSPX for Priests

Immense help in the apostolate

The life of a priest, founded upon daily prayer and works of sanctification, must be supplemented with serious reading and study. The Sacred Scriptures and writings of the Fathers should, of course, hold first place; but other materials pertaining to the life of the Church and contemporary social issues can also aid the priest immensely in his apostolate.

We are happy to present here a selection of key texts which we hope will aid priests to sanctify their own souls and those entrusted to their care.

Articles about and for Priests

A New Substitute for the Holy See Secretary of State

Tags: priest, Rome,, holy see

The Holy Father named a new substitute for General Affairs of the Secretary of State: Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra, titular archbishop of Telepte, until now Apostolic Nuncio in Mozambique.

The End of Communion Services without a Priest in Californi

Tags: priest, Worldwide, faithful,, sacraments, crisis

The bishop of Santa Rosa, CA, has ordered an immediate end to religious services in which the Holy Eucharist is distributed to the faithful without a priest present, declaring that this practice “is not consistent with the Instructions from the Holy See.”

July 2018 Issue of The Angelus Complements Topic of Upcoming

Tags: priest, faithful, District of the USA, GER-Seminary

In the 50th anniversary year of Humanae Vitae, the July issue of The Angelus corresponds to the main topics explored in this year's Angelus Press Conference.

Many Are Still Asking - Who Is the New Superior General?

Tags: priest, Tradition, spirituality, superior general, District of the USA

An official statement announced his age, his nationality, and the different positions he has filled since his ordination, but journalists are saying he is different from his predecessor.

Inside the General Chapter of the Society of St. Pius X

Tags: priest, Tradition,, spirituality, district superior, lefebvre, superior general

Inside the Chapter, members are bound to secrecy as to the proceedings of the elections and the deliberations, but FSSPX.News’ photographer was granted exceptional access.

General Chapter final address

Tags: priest, Tradition,, spirituality, social doctrine, lefebvre, superior general

At the close of its General Chapter, the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X calls to mind the importance and timeliness of the declaration made by its founder, Marcel Lefebvre, on November 21, 1974.  More than fifty years of the Church’s

Letter from Frs. Wegner and le Roux on the Important Work of

Tags: priest, faithful, District of the USA, GER-Seminary

Below are excerpts from the joint newsletter written by Fr. Jürgen Wegner and Fr. Yves le Roux on the relationship between the US District and St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary.

Communiqué of the General House of the Society of Saint Pius

Tags: priest, Tradition,, superior general

Election of the Superior General

On July 11, 2018, Father Davide Pagliarani was elected Superior General, for a mandate of 12 years, by the 4th General Chapter of the Society of Saint Pius X.

Photos of the Ordinations at Econe

Tags: priest, Tradition, faithful, youth, vocation,

On June 29, 2018, under a radiant sun, the ceremony of the priestly ordinations in Econe (Switzerland) began at 9:00 a.m. Bishop Bernard Fellay, Superior General of the Society of St. Pius X, celebrated the Pontifical High Mass.

SSPX Ordinations 2018 - 7 New Priests Ordained in Virginia

Tags: priest, Tradition, vocation, District of the USA

St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary saw 6 men from the United States and one from Ireland raised to the Eternal Priesthood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.