The SSPX Celebrates 637 Priests and Looks Towards its Genera

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The Society of St. Pius X is a priestly society whose statutes were approved by a decree from the bishop of Fribourg, Bishop François Charrière, on November 1, 1970.

New Article Examines Archbishop Lefebvre's Integrity

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Fr. Paul Robinson, a professor at the Society of Saint Pius X’s Holy Cross Seminary, has written a new article on Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and his relationship with the Roman authorities. 

Will Gregorian Chant Soon be the Rule Rather than the Except

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In article published this Christmas by Crux, the organic trend towards young Catholics’ attraction to the beauty of Gregorian Chant was optimistically praised. 

Audio from 2017 Angelus Press Conference on Fatima Available

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Now available - the full CD Set as well as Digital Downloads of the 2017 Angelus Press Conference for Tradition: "Fatima - Our Lady's Answer to Three Revolutions."

SSPX Seminary - Zaitzkofen, Germany Produces Video Following

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A call for priests - An overview of the priestly seminary in Zaitzkofen, Bavaria, following the path of one seminarian as he undergoes his priestly formation.

112th Anniversary of the Birth of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre

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On Wednesday, November 29, 1905, Marcel Lefebvre, third child of René Lefebvre and Gabrielle Watine Lefebvre, was born in Tourcoing. 

We Must Keep the Faith During the Crisis in the Church

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FSSPX.News is happy to publish Archbishop Lefebvre’s sermon in Venice on April 7, 1980.

On the SSPX Seeking Cooperation within the Church - Le Seign

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Fr. Michel Simoulin discusses the current situation in the Church vis-á-vis historical events and decisions made by Archbishop Lefebvre

Abp. Lefebvre's Reflections on the Immaculate Heart thr

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On August 22, 1987, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, accompanied by a large number of priests and 2,000 faithful, went on pilgrimage to Fatima. 

Marriage According to the 1983 Code of Canon Law and the Sta

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In this second part of a study on Canon Law and Pastoral Practice with SSPX Marriages, Fr. Knittel examines the 1983 Code and the state of necessity today.